September 28, 2010

Super Babies!!

Thanks to our great friend Michelle, the boys today became SUPERBABIES!!!  Aren't they adorable with their "W" and "J" Super onesies?!!  Thanks so much Michelle!  

They're still a little bit big, but that just means that they can be superbabies for a while longer!!

Will (left) not too sure about it--Jack enjoying it, while getting close to finding his thumb!

Will and Daddy (on his daily lunch break visit)

Jack and Daddy

Mommy and the boys, enjoying another wonderful kangaroo x 2 session!
(Will on left, Jack on right)
The boys will be 4 weeks tomorrow!!  Now I guess that is technically a month, but officially, their 1 month birthday won't be until October 1st, right?  Kind of confusing to me!! Oh well, whatever the official date is, I can't believe my babies are almost a month old!!!  And getting bigger--Jack was 3 lbs 11 oz, and today Will hit the 4 lb mark!!  Yeah babies!!


Cristina said...

SUPER!!! It seems like they are growing so fast!!!

Tell my tall-friend that I like the plug for Chase... it reminds me that I need order more checks! Thanks Justin, for keeping me on task with my to-do list! =) LOL

And Alyson, you look so beautiful and you are just glowing in all of your pictures! I love you friend!

erickson family said...

love those onesies. you are glowing alyson. you look so pretty!

The Toole Family said...

Truly amazing. We are so happy for you and delighted in how great the boys are doing....

Suz said...

I cannot believe they are almost a month! I LOVE those onesies! They look precious!!

Audra said...

Wow 4 pounds! They are packing it on! I was thinking about you and the boys (what's new, I think about you all the time) and wondering if you've heard of the Moby Wrap. I am using one for the second time around and love it. It is the best baby carrier and the instructions show two different ways to carry twin and using if for Kangaroo Care. Just thought I'd pass along a word for my favorite piece of baby equipment. Love you!

Mona said...

Will and Jack are just so handsome. And to see you and Justin holding them and just beaming from ear to ear it shows how much love there is for the boys. Such beautiful gifts of God.
Everyone here at school gets to see them every new blog.

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