September 9, 2010

One Week Old!

I just can hardly believe my babies are now over a week old! It is a weird feeling...I want the weeks to go by quickly so Jack and Will can be home, but at the same time, I don't want their lives to rush by! I'm just so thankful that this first week of their lives has gone so incredibly well!

My sweet friend Michelle, the one who threw me a baby shower last month, also has a company called Chelle Belle Baby ~ Creating Unique Gifts for Precious Little Ones ( She was so wonderful to embroider the boys blankets and little cuddle dolls for us! She is going so above and beyond...she's even organizing meals that wonderful friends are bringing to us! We are just so incredibly blessed by the friends and family we have around us! I wanted to the boys to have some personalized things in their "rooms", and I thought their one week birthday was a perfect day to give them their first blankets! Thank you, Michelle, for embroidering them for us, and Jess, thanks for sending them to us...We LOVE them!

Someday the boys will get to cuddle up with their blankets, but for now, they do a great job of covering their isolettes to keep it dark in their, like they were used to in my womb! Aren't they adorable???!

I had an amazing time in Kangaroo care with Will yesterday! He was so mellow, so sweet, and so content! He only made one little squeak when I was rubbing his little ear! =) We were all just amazed how much smaller he looks when he is out of the bed...makes me remember that he is still less than 3 pounds!!

After Will's Kangaroo time, it was Jack's touch time (when we take their temp, change their diapers, get to have time with them--they only do this at certain times of day not to disturb them too much). He was all cuddled up sleeping, and I hated to wake him up! But he just stretched, gave us a few peeks of his eyes, and didn't hardly fuss at all! So sweet!

I'm going back today for both of their touch times, as well as more time holding Will. I can hardly wait until Jack is feeling good enough to get to hold him again! Their nurse said they both did well last night...Jack's feeding has been upped again, so he is definitely feeling better! I can hardly wait until their cpaps are out of their little noses! I know they are so good for them and don't hurt them, but it just makes me sad to see their little nostrils pulled and squished! Since today would have been 30 weeks of pregnancy, I have a feeling that they won't be on them too much longer!

Thanks for your continued prayers for our little guys!


Audra said...

So darling! What a wonderful thing that you can hold them and take care of them even in NICU. I love the blankets too! Everyday I am thinking about you and smiling. Love you!

Anonymous said...

This is such an exciting journey to see these little boys growing day by day. Keeping you in prayer. Thanks for sharing this with sus! Alida

Ronni said...

Those are the best blankets - and even better with their names on them :)

Kelly said...

Love the blankets! And so sweet of your friend to personalize them for you :)
Happy 1 week birthday boys xo