September 22, 2010

Happy 3 Week Birthday Boys!!

I can't believe that the boys are 3 weeks old!  I feel like I say that about each week that passes, and I'll probably continue saying it! =)  I just thought I'd put a bunch of pictures of the boys over the last few days...we just can't get over how cute they are!  

Day 19--Sunday

Here are some of Will...

And Jack...  
Notice the end of his left has a swirl at the end! This is really the only difference we've noticed between the boys!
Do you see his dimple???!!  They both have them! So adorable!

Day 20--Monday


Monday morning I got a call that Jack was having some problems...he was having trouble keeping his oxygen saturation levels up, and they had to quickly get him back on CPAP.  Poor baby! They're still not sure if he had an infection or was just pooped out by all the bradys he'd been having.  He's on antibiotics, so hopefully, he'll be feeling better soon!

Day 21--Tuesday


Justin got this picture...Will finally got his finger into his mouth!  They both love having their hands up by their faces, and I knew it was just a matter of time until they made it into their mouths!
Will finally made it to 1500 grams, and he got to wear clothes!  He looks like such a big boy in clothes!!  My mom and I had so much fun dressing him! They are like real life dolls!
And all swaddled up...a Will burrito!

Not enjoying his CPAP...his poor little nose!
He makes the most pitiful little little cries, and they just break our hearts!
But the pacifier seems to help!!
I just had to add this picture...Betsy was helping me fold all the preemie clothes!!

Day 22--Wednesday--3 weeks old!

Loving his Daddy!!!

Loving Daddy too!  Justin completely calmed him down!

We're hoping that Jack will be off the CPAP by tomorrow or Friday.  Poor little guy!  But we are glad that he is getting a chance to rest...he definitely is having less bradys since he's been on it, so we're glad he's on it for now! I'm going to hold him tomorrow for awhile...since he's been on the CPAP, they wanted him to just rest and not be held.  But I'm convinced he misses his mommy, and just needs to cuddle for awhile!! =)

We can hardly wait to be able to dress Jack up like his brother also!  And once they reach 1800 grams, they can come out of the incubator and be in a crib together! We can hardly wait!  Overall, they are just doing so well, and tomorrow they will be the equivalent of 32 weeks...another huge milestone!  Just a few more weeks and we'll be able to start working on feeding them!  Another step closer to being home!


Anonymous said...

Alyson, the boys get cuter every day! Here's hoping Jack will be better soon! Praying for him!!
As usual, you look radiant and Justin looks every bit the doting dad :)
Have a wonderful day cuddling with the boys!

Kelly said...

So cute seeing Will in clothes! Can't wait to see Jack in a cute outfit too! They are both looking wonderful :)

Loving the pic of your helper Betsy too ;)

Jodi said...

Beautiful!!! They have changed soooo much!! Just beautiful!!!

erickson family said...

wow, they are looking so great! and dimples!!! how cute! thinking about you everyday!

Ronni said...

They are so adorable - I wish I could see them in real life. But until then, your updates and pictures are such a highlight :)

Trisha said...

They are getting SOO big and changing every time I see a picture. Keep them growing, they're absolutely adorable!!! Grow, boys, grow!

Audra said...

Oh my goodness, they are cuter than ever! Those dimples!!! Will is darling in his outfit. I just smile all day thinking about you guys! And I am sure Jack is quite unhappy about you not being able to hold him, I would be if I was him. :)

Michelle Harmon said...

Oh my goodness, that dimple picture melts my heart! They are preciou miracles. Love you all.