September 20, 2010

Good update on Jack...

Thanks for all your prayers for our sweet Jack today.  He is doing MUCH better tonight, and really was pretty stable all day.  Here is a picture of him on his tummy.  He looks pretty pitiful, but was actually pretty happy once the nurse got him settled on his tummy.  
They think that he was pretty exhausted, and might have had a touch of an infection.  We are still waiting to hear if that is the case...the blood work takes at least 24 hours to get back.  But they are already giving him antibiotics, so he should be covered if it comes back positive.  He spent the day on CPAP with extra oxygen, but by this afternoon, he was back completely on room air and holding his own.

Brother was doing great today, and I got to hold him for about an hour and a half this morning.  There is nothing like cuddling your baby, especially when you are kind of worried about your other one.  They are going to watch Will very carefully over the next few days, since what happened to Jack came on so quickly and was kind of mysterious.  

This picture was not too good since the lights were off, but he was very alert and sweetly looking at me!

Thanks again for your prayers...I appreciate them so much!


Kelly said...

Fantastic news Alyson!

Well done boys...keep getting bigger and stronger every day :)

erickson family said...

awesome. been thinking about you guys all day.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, Alyson! I've been thinking about all of you today.

Kristen said...

So happy to hear this! Been praying all day :)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness!!!!!!!

Lianna Knight said...

These little blessings just melt my heart. I have been so out of the loop since school started, but I am hoping to catch back up on all my favorite girls :)

I LOVE seeing how happy you are holding this sweet babies!