September 26, 2010

A few more family pics...

We had so much fun taking more pictures with our boys tonight, and I had to share a few more with you!  I'm just in heaven...
Will and Mommy

Jack and Daddy

Our little family!
Happy family

The shirts say it all!
(Thanks Sean and Megan for such cute outfits!)

Daddy and his boys
(Will left, Jack right)

Mommy and her boys
(Jack left, Will right)

Jack and Will

Will holding Daddy's finger (which was bigger than Will's arm!)

Jack just chilling on Mommy's lap

Our little football fans...
They cheered today for the Cowboys...and brought them luck!


We were sad that my parents didn't get to come with us mom wasn't feeling too well, and she definitely didn't want to share her germs with the babies.  =(  So hopefully we'll get pictures with Gigi and Grandpa soon!


Audra said...

How great to see them without any oxygen!!! Their faces are starting to fill out and I know it's so fun to dress them finally. I have a feeling that they are going play lots of tricks on you when they figure out the advantages of being identical. Talk about having trouble telling which one did it!

AROSS said...

You guys are the cutest family! I am so happy for you all. Hope your mom is feeling better soon!!!

Suz said...

oh my word! I LOVE all of these pics! you are glowing!!!