September 2, 2010

Day One Update from Gigi!!

My heart is so full of happiness and joy with the arrival last night of Will and Jack, our brand new tiny but beautiful grandsons. They are so precious and so perfect, and so far are doing really well for such little guys! Born just hours before twenty-nine weeks, they are our miracle boys in so many ways. Here’s some “hot off the press” news about each of them:

• The first guy out
• Born at 8:20 pm
• Weighed in at 2lbs 11 oz
• Measured 15 1/2” long
• Was in breech position with one hand hanging down below his body, all ready to move on into this big old world! Looked like he was trying to punch his way out in the final sonogram!
• A little stressed at first because Jack did his best to push Will out of the way by swooping his head into the picture too soon, making it more difficult to get Will out, and causing his little itty-bitty hand to get bruised (it already looks better today) in the process
• Was able to breathe on his own right away (regular air) and has a little miniature cpap machine that sends extra air into his nose just to make sure the flow of air remains steady
• In the middle of the night, he needed extra oxygen, and is still on it at 32% flow
• Had his first little “poopy” myconium diaper last night- just what he needed to do
• Justin got to change his diaper and take his temp first thing today at 8 am – did it just like a pro, taught Alyson how to do the routine at noon today!
• Tried his best to be “1st” – since for most of the pregnancy he had been in the position to come out first. In the last week or so, Will did a cool maneuver
and aced him out of being born first !
• Born at 8:21 pm
• Weighed in at 2lbs .64 oz
• Measured 14 ½” long
• Came out crying and breathing on his own, and has been doing so ever since!
• Had his first “poopy” myconium diaper today at noon, and Aly got to change this one. He was so calm for her – must be that he was soothed by the sound of the familiar voice of his mommy!

Since these boys are identical – here is the run down on their looks, etc:
• They have broad foreheads and quite round faces right now – seem more like Aly’s features at this stage.
• Their heads are about the size of a decent size orange – with their little faces about 3” right now
• They have little caps on and we haven’t been able to see if they have any hair or what color it might be!
• They have bushy eyebrows – brownish in color
• Eyes seem to be fairly large, and they open them up pretty often and gaze around, and at least for now, look more bluish than brownish.
• Their arms and legs are both long (like Justin’s) – thin but not too skinny considering they haven’t had the “fattening up” time in the womb
• Their second toes are a bit longer than their big toes – just like their daddy’s
• They both make darling little “squeaking” noises
• NICU nurses report that their heart and oxygen rates continue to stay strong and healthy
• They tend to flail their arms and legs, so they are in a cuddly device in the incubator that surrounds them and makes them feel nice and cozy, as if they are still in the womb. It works beautifully

Alyson is doing quite well – tired, sore, but floating and basking in the joy of being a mommy. She was so calm and peaceful through the whole experience of the c-section last night. It was like God had prepared her in every way – physically, emotionally, and spiritually for what was ahead. No fear, no anxiety – it was amazing to watch. We’ll share more details of the days and hours before delivery, because God truly was doing major miracles of protection for her body prior to the boy’s birth.

Justin is one proud, excited daddy! It was so delightful to watch him prepare to go into the surgery with Aly, but even more exciting to watch him “bounce” down the hall with his boys on the way to the NICU!! He is so in love with his sons, and is totally involved in their whole arrival process .

As for Uncle Aaron, he would stay in the NICU 24/7 if they would let him! It was so thrilling that he got to be here for the boys’ birth and is a part of these exciting days. He has been the “tech man” on the scene, and between he and Justin, we will have a wonderful record of all that has happened! He’s pretty jazzed about being an uncle!

As for Grandpa and Gigi, we are pinching ourselves that this could all really be true, and that God has so blessed us with the joy and privilege of being in these boys life from the very beginning. We have a big job ahead of us, and we are thrilled beyond measure to do it!

God bless you all. Please keep our babies in your prayers. . .



Tena said...

I'm so glad for the update on everyone! Sounds like the crew is doing well and prayer is working! Will continue to pray for everyone! Congrats to you on the arrival of beautiful Steiner boys!!
Hugs to all!

Andean Echoes said...

Congratulations!!! Thanks for the updates. Been praying.

Helen Steele
Bolivia, SA

Heather D said...

Thanks for the great update on the boys! I couldn't wait to hear more about them.


AROSS said...

Thank you for keeping us posted. I couldn't hardly wait to get home from school to hear how everyone was doing. Prayers coming your way!!

erickson family said...

this news made my day. so happy everyone is happy and healthy. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comprehensive update Joyce! Congratulations to you all and lots of love to your precious Grandsons!

Estella's Angels said...

I am so joyful and in tears reading this! I know that has been a long journey for the family and now you have these sweet, precious lives in your arms. Happy is not even a word to describe how I feel for you. I AM OVERJOYED!

Amy said...

God has truly worked a number of miracles. I am so happy that the day is finally here and Alyson and Justin have their beautiful children. I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to share in it and I look forward to many years of my girls playing with the Steiner boys! Thanks for the update, Gigi!

Michelle Harmon said...

Oh Joyce!! Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart for this update! I am so happy to hear all of the little details about all 4 of my precious Steiner friends. Love to all!

Marie W said...

Gigi you are a doll! Thanks for the update and please give my love to Justin and Alyson. Keeping you all covered in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your two beautiful boys!! Thinking about you all and sending continued prayers from Los Angeles!


Ronni said...

Wow! What a great update Gigi! Thank you so much for taking the time to update us

Shannon Delcambre said...

in tears! What joy! Thank you for the update! I can only imagine the love, peace and joy surrounding you all right now! What a perfect miracle! Cant wait to meet these little men. Love to you all!

Aly, rest up and welcome to the special world of twin mommies! SOOOO very excited to share it with you!

Snoodle Family said...

So happy for you guys! Those little boys are fighters! :) Will continue to pray!

Reid n' Kelly said...

AMAZING! I cried as I read your post. I have been following your blog for quite some time and haven't posted before. I am a friend of your sis-in-law and found you through her blog. Rejoicing with you in your "2 lil' miracles". Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I just exhaled a HUGE sigh of relief!! Thanks for the excellent update Gigi!!
You, Justin and the twin boys have been on my heart and mind continually since I read they were born. I'm praying, praying, praying things continue to improve for you and the boys!!!

The Smith Family said...

Wonderful news... Praying that everyone stays healthy

TN Bakers said...

Leave it to the Grandma (Gigi) to give such thorough, awesome details!! Thanks Mrs. Hall...praying for the little ones all the time. Love and kisses to Aly from her roomie :)