September 8, 2010

Daddy is having fun!!

So Daddy has been having a little fun with a new app on our phones, and dreaming of all the possibilites for his little guys! Since they are only one week old today, they have a little bit of growing to do, but the possibilities of what the Steiner Twins can do is endless!! =)

Or maybe they'll be huge Superman fans like their daddy...well, they better be or their dad might be sad! He's already picked out the Halloween costumes!!

Life is definitely going to be fun with these little boys in our lives!!!


I just had to share a couple more pictures of our guys, as well as some of the great things that have happened in the last few days!

Mr. Jack
Jack started out really strong the first couple days...he never had to be on oxygen, was eating well, and even got to do Kangaroo care with both Justin and I in the first 3 days of his life. He is still doing great, but he has had to take it a little slower the past few days. His tummy wasn't tolerating some of the bigger feeds and wasn't doing that great digesting. There aren't any problems/sickness, the doctors say this is typical, since at 29 weeks, they're not supposed to be digesting yet! So they backed off on his amount of feeds and gave him more nutrition through his IV. But poor guy, the IV doesn't stay working well for long, and I think he has had his IV just about everywhere he could have one this week! =( Yesterday they changed his feeds to continuous feeds instead of just once every 3 hours, and it really seems to be helping. Hopefully this will do the trick, and he'll catch up to his brother on the amount he is eating quickly! He is still just so sweet, and has been really enjoying his pacifier! He even can hold it in himself for short bits! Way to go Jack!

Mr. Will
Will has been doing a great job these last few days! He had a rockier start, needing a little bit of oxygen, most likely because of the stress of birth (he was coming out first breech, but then Jack tried to push his way out first instead!). His feeds have gone up dramatically over the last 3 days, and as of last night, he was eating 18 mL at a feeding, and because of this, his umbilical line that was giving him IV nutrition was taken out early this morning! That means that I get to hold him this afternoon!! So between the boys' touch times today, I get to hold my boy! I'm so excited! I'm just so proud of how strong you are Will!

I just can't believe that my babies are already a week old today. Their little lives are already flying by! Tomorrow they are equivalent of 30 weeks gestation, so we are hoping they will continue improving and they'll be able to be off their cpaps soon! We are just having so much fun being mom and dad...I think at least 5 times a day we look at each other and say how we just can't believe it! God is so good, and we feel like the most blessed people in the world!


Riley Kai said...

My husband has a close friend who was a smaller than your boys when he was born! He grew up to be 6'5 and over 300 lbs and was a lineman in the NFL! Don't count those little guys out for anything!!!

Jodi said...

Love it!!!! Mighty men of God!!! :) Glad they are doing so wonderful and growing strong!

Joy said...

The babies are so cute! Why do the nurses wear gloves, but you and Uncle Justin don't have to, when touching the babies? My favorite picture was the one of you and Justin.



Kelly said...

Hehe so cute! So glad they're both doing well and can't wait to see pics of you holding Will later today :)

Anonymous said...

Look at those "super" cute boys!! How sweet is that? Sending hugs!

AROSS said...

I am so happy for you guys! The boys are darling!! I can't wait to watch them grow up!!!

Katie Grant said...

So glad the boys are doing well! They are so handsome and I've never seen two happier people than you and your husband. :)

Suz said...

Oh.My.Word. PRECIOUS!!! I love all of the pictures!! I love how excuted Justin is! They are "superbabies" and Daddy is Superman!!! :) LOVE it! And that pic of you above Will is just enough to melt me! You look just so in love! I am SO happy for your little fam!! Keep on updating!