September 11, 2010

10 days old...

Okay, so I didn't mean to make the end of the last post so suspenseful.  I was tired and knew I needed to stop, and when I told Justin where I stopped it, he laughed at me.  So sorry for the drama! Even though there really was a lot of drama, there were even more miracles throughout it all and I'm so thankful for each and every one!  I'll fill you in on the rest of the day soon, when I can get my mind going again for a long post!


I just had to share some more pictures of the boys today...I spent the morning at the hospital with them, and had a long Kangaroo time with Jackson. We are going back tonight for their corresponding touch time at 8, so I'm sure I'll take even more pictures then.  We just can seem to get enough!  Right now on my iphone, I have 612 pictures in my gallery, and I think all but about 5 pictures are of the boys!!  I'm just a little bit smitten!

I realized that I haven't posted their stats recently...each day we get there the boys' boards are updated with the latest info on them.  For awhile I was trying to remember it each day to write down, but finally I realized it would be easier just to take a picture of it each day.

Jack is back above his birthweight (2lbs10oz) and is still on round the clock feeds.
Will is right at his birthweight.  We are so proud of them!

If you know Justin, you know he's an artist, so of course, the boys boards are decorated with a few choice drawings: Superman, basketballs and footballs!  It is so fun, because everyone comments on it and wonders who did the drawings!
Jack was sleeping peacefully when I got there...still without anything on his face! Soon after I got there, the nurse said that they were going to put on a nasal cannula on him.  He had a few brady/apnea episodes throughout the morning, so they wanted to help him not to have to work as hard for awhile.    
While I was changing his diaper, I slipped off his hat just so I could see his whole head. He has a little bruise on his head that is almost gone from where the CPAP tube pressed on his head about a week ago--poor baby!      
He seemed to not mind either way, and we don't mind because it is small and clear, and we can still see his precious face!

After changing Will's diapers, I got to get settled down to hold Jack for about 1 1/2 hours!  He is still on the CPAP, and most likely won't come off of it until at least Monday.  He has been having about 12 brady/apnea episodes a day, and they want to make sure he is able to have less of those before they take away that support.  We don't mind though...whatever is best for the babies is fine with us!!
Another wonderful time with my baby boy

Sound asleep and loving the pacifier!!

He loves laying on his tummy...even with the huge contraption in his nose!

We're on our way back in about an hour--we just can't stay away!!


Giggles said...

Congratulations. They are beautiful. I am so happy that things are going as well as they seem to be. You all look so very happy.

Audra said...

Yeah for little Will! I'm praying for Jack to progress quickly so he can have that stuff off his face. They are so darling and have already changed so much. One of the hard parts of being a mommy is how fast they grow. They are just beautiful and I love the photos of you holding them. Love you!