September 30, 2010


(Warning...lots of pictures to come!!)

The first of the firsts from the day...

A happy birthday wish to their Uncle Aaron!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Aaron!!  You are a wonderful brother, and a wonderful uncle to our boys!  We can't wait to see you again!!

Now for some more pics of the boys!

Still growing!!  Jack should be at 4 pounds very soon!

The view I came in to today...notice what our nurse Ashley did with the boys' name hats...too cute!

I love these precious sleepy faces!

Almost naked Will!

Almost naked Jack!
 I just love how they stretch their legs out...they like show how long their legs are! Can we say tall boys? Basketball players like their daddy??

Will's precious little face

And his cute little feet!
Jack's adorable little face...he loves to stretch his arm up!

And Jack's cute little feet
And another first that happened today...we started nursing!  Jack was first to try today, and he actually did pretty well.  Definitely not able to nurse for his full feeding yet, but worked hard at it for about 10 minutes...before completely conking out!! We're going to continue practicing with both of them over this next week.  They were 33 weeks today, and by 34 weeks, they want them to start really working more on feeding without their tubes!  What big boys!

Sleepy head with happy mommy
And for the biggest first of the day... the boys' first baths!!  

They taught us how to do "swaddle baths". We keep them as swaddled up as we can to help them maintain their body heat.  They boys didn't really want to stay swaddled, but both seemed to not mind the bath too much! 

Will just chilling
The nurse held Will up out of the water, and walked me through the bath process.

Nurse's approval...I guess we were doing a good job!

Little guy wasn't too impressed with the whole process! =)  Yawning...

We did it!

Fresh, clean Baby #1!  
And now for baby #2...we were on our own for Jack!  (With the nurse watching us)

I'll hold, you wash Dad!

Jack pretty much slept the ENTIRE bath!  I guess he likes it too!

Doesn't like the swaddle...even in his sleep, he kept kicking his legs out!

Another baby, another yawn!!
Yeah!  We made it through bathing another one!

Mommy stealing a kiss while Jack was getting  his back lotioned!

And done!  Phew!  It is exhausting to take a bath! Good job boys!

We just love our baby boys, and are loving all of the firsts we are experiencing with them!!  Can't believe they are going to be a month old tomorrow!!

September 28, 2010

Super Babies!!

Thanks to our great friend Michelle, the boys today became SUPERBABIES!!!  Aren't they adorable with their "W" and "J" Super onesies?!!  Thanks so much Michelle!  

They're still a little bit big, but that just means that they can be superbabies for a while longer!!

Will (left) not too sure about it--Jack enjoying it, while getting close to finding his thumb!

Will and Daddy (on his daily lunch break visit)

Jack and Daddy

Mommy and the boys, enjoying another wonderful kangaroo x 2 session!
(Will on left, Jack on right)
The boys will be 4 weeks tomorrow!!  Now I guess that is technically a month, but officially, their 1 month birthday won't be until October 1st, right?  Kind of confusing to me!! Oh well, whatever the official date is, I can't believe my babies are almost a month old!!!  And getting bigger--Jack was 3 lbs 11 oz, and today Will hit the 4 lb mark!!  Yeah babies!!

September 27, 2010

Officially together!

I arrived at the hospital this morning for the 11 am touch time and feeding, and found this...

 Both boys together in the open crib!!! They were both sleeping soundly, and it was just the cutest thing to see them together!!!

Poor Jack's hat was just a little big and completely covered his eyes!!

Stretching before we changed their diapers. They LOVE to stretch!! I think I would have been in major pain had I gone to full term!
 The preemie onesies (left on Will) are still just a little bit big,  but oh so  cute!!  I'm sure before we know it they'll be all rolls soon and won't even come close to fitting in them!

Jack staring at Will...wondering where he'd been for almost a month!

Mr. Serious Face (Jack)

Sleepy Head Paci Boy (Will)

Their new stats today:
Will: 3 lbs 14. 4 oz
Jack: 3 lbs 10.6 oz
They'll be 4 pounds before we know it!!

Kangaroo times two!!  And one happy mommy!  I just loved looking down and kissing both of my babies!!
(Jack on left, Will on right)

And did you notice my new necklace???  This was my birthday present from Justin...with all of my boys' birthstones...sapphires for Will & Jack September birthdays, and a ruby for Jonathan's July birthday!
Thanks Babe...I LOVE IT!!!

And before I left, the cutest little bundles, sound asleep!

September 26, 2010

A few more family pics...

We had so much fun taking more pictures with our boys tonight, and I had to share a few more with you!  I'm just in heaven...
Will and Mommy

Jack and Daddy

Our little family!
Happy family

The shirts say it all!
(Thanks Sean and Megan for such cute outfits!)

Daddy and his boys
(Will left, Jack right)

Mommy and her boys
(Jack left, Will right)

Jack and Will

Will holding Daddy's finger (which was bigger than Will's arm!)

Jack just chilling on Mommy's lap

Our little football fans...
They cheered today for the Cowboys...and brought them luck!


We were sad that my parents didn't get to come with us mom wasn't feeling too well, and she definitely didn't want to share her germs with the babies.  =(  So hopefully we'll get pictures with Gigi and Grandpa soon!