August 23, 2010

Yay Uterus!

Another great report from the hospital!  Jack and Will are doing so very well…great heart rates on the last check, and I’m still not having contractions!  Praise the Lord, and Yay, uterus!  You’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing!!

We definitely have ended up having a great weekend…I know that sounds so strange to say on a blog I’m typing from the hospital because of pre-term contractions, but God has had his hand in every detail!!

For me, this weekend has been great because know I feel a lot more confident of quite a few things…

~My husband and my parents are the best!   Justin is my rock, and gave me that strength to make a smart choice to come in on Saturday morning.  I don’t know why I was waffling…I think, deep down, I didn’t want to be reliving the past.  But thank Jesus, we are in a completely different situation here, and the boys are going to be just fine! We needed to be here, and he got me here! My parents have been such a help to us as well—and have taken so much stress off Justin as he has to keep working!  My mom has spent 2 nights with me at the hospital (she is seriously a hospital assistant extraordinaire after all the time she has spent with my gram in the hospital this year) and is just so wonderful to have nearby for help.  My dad has been a great too—he’s brought us food, sat with me here so I didn’t have to be alone, and they both are planning on being there for me all the time once I’m at home on bed rest!  I’m so very blessed to have them all!

~I now feel like I have a pretty good handle on what a contraction feels like.  Since I never felt them with Jonathan before my cervix opened, I wasn’t quite sure what they felt like.  Also, I now know that even though I have a very full tummy of two active baby boys (I’m full term singleton size according to my doctor), I have a much better feel of an actual contraction vs them just moving. I got to see the contractions on the screen at the same time I was feeling them, so that helps me out.

~We have AMAZING doctors caring for us.  Even the ones we just met here in the hospital have been incredible, and I feel confident that even if these babies had to come earlier that we want them too, we are all in the best hands possible!

~God has (again!) brought wonderful nurses into our life when we needed them during scary times.  My day nurse, Amanda, was with me every day that I have been here…usually unheard of in hospital schedules!  She added such calm to the early scary times, and has been a wonderful resource!  I think I’ve made a new friend—isn’t God good? =)


There is so much more good that has come out of this…

And honestly, I’m so excited to just get the next (hopefully) 8+ weeks just focusing completely on my baby boys!  They’re depending on me to stay calm, help them grow, and keep them inside as long as possible…and I can’t think of a better job!  The years after this, for the rest of my life, I’m sure will not ever be this calm again, so I’m going to enjoy each and every moment!

Thank you so much for your prayers…I can’t begin to express how much they have worked, and are still working!  I think God even made the magnesium sulfate do its job without giving me hardly any of the usual nasty side effects!  Just about every doctor and nurse that saw me this weekend couldn’t believe that I was really on mag!  My nurse said she even checked the expiration date on it just to make sure it wasn’t expired, since I was doing so well!  How funny is that? And how just like God?! 

I’m off to get a quick shower—heavenly—and then off to bed!  Can’t wait to give you more great updates!


Anonymous said...

That is the best news! The prayers will continue!
Have a peaceful evening.

Jodi said...

Praising God with you and will continue to keep y'all in our prayers!

Ronni said...


Candie said...

At this point in my life, you are the most amazing woman I know. I thank God I get to know you. I love who you are Alyson, and who you represent.