August 2, 2010

On our way home!

Pretty much the whole month of July, we've been camping out at my parents' house. After starting out house-sitting, then not being able to come home because of a broken water-heater, and then staying away just because our home was a serious project zone...we are finally moving home today! Our new king-sized mattress is arriving tonight, so we can officially move home and enjoy all of the hard work that has been done there! We are so ready!

Not to say that we haven't LOVED staying at my parents' house though...seriously!! My parents are so generous, hospitable, and made us feel so comfortable, and not like we were just wearing out our welcome. And the daily hops into the pool have been fabulous for this constantly overheated preggo!!! Thank you so much mom and dad, not only for letting us stay with you for a month, but also for ALL the help that you have given us (and are still giving us) at our house to help it be just perfect for our boys!!! I can't begin to even know how to say thank you for all of your hard work there. You guys are the best, and we love you so much!!

Hope you enjoy having your house back to normal...without us...but I will be back...just can't live without your pool during these 100+ degree days!!!

Keep watching for a post on all our updates...once the house gets all put back together, I can't wait to show it off!!!


Audra said...

Yeah for going home and YEAH for reaching 24 weeks!!!!!!! We've been out of town so I'm just now catching up on you guys. I know you feel like you can finally breathe again. Ironically, everyday now you can breathe less since those boys are hogging your abdomen. Fun fun! I am so thrilled for you and hope you can stay cool.
I love your sweet photos of celebrating Jonathan too. What a good Mama you are! Love you much.

jenny said...

can't wait to see pics of the boys room! I'm getting so excited for you! thank you for sharing your pictures of Jonathan's birthday - I know God see's your pain and I thank Him for your 2 little ones on the way.You are an encouragement to me.
sending love from SA