August 24, 2010


I've been home most of the day today, and it is so nice!! Justin, Mom, and Dad are taking great care of the boys and me, and Betsy is loving that I'm here!

It will be a tough adjustment actually being here, yet not being able to do anything, will all be worth it when they are born big, healthy, and strong...months from now!!!


Kelly said...

Welcome home Alyson! It sounds like those boys are staying put for at least another 2 months! Enjoy the resting...I'm sure you'll appreciate it once they're here (I know I am making the most of my rest time now before my two arrive!)

Michelle Harmon said...

YAY!!!! Welcome home! Love you guys!

Brian and Dara said...

So glad you are home!! Gimme a call when you have a chance...hehe ;-) I know you will have lots of chances for talking on the phone in the coming weeks!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting home! So glad that your able to be there. Let everyone baby you and the boys!!
Many hugs coming your way!

Jodi said...

and hey, I'm friends with your friend April too! Shocker to see her photo on your blog! She's a sweetie!