August 25, 2010

Home again!

Wow...kind of feeling like a yo-yo, but that is okay!!

As of 12:30pm, I'm back at home. My high risk doctor was actually able to come in earlier this morning that we expected and do a scan. The babies look great, my cervix still looks long and closed, and he doesn't think my placenta is bleeding. He thinks the bleeding was coming from the lowest part of the cervix, which is usually typical and pretty sensitive in pregnancy. He was completely okay with me heading back home, since all looks good, but says if there is any more bleeding, just to come back and be checked. He says if I feel like I get to a point where I'm going back and forth too much, he is would at that point want me to stay in hospital. He just doesn't like to put people in for good too early.

I really feel okay about coming back home. As nice as it is to be on the monitor, and see that there were no contractions, I know I'll be okay at home too. If we need to go back and stay, we will! Tomorrow is 28 weeks, and that is a huge milestone in development for the boys. The boys, according to my doctor, are already big, and combined with a shared placenta, lots of fluid, I feel a lot of normal pressure. That combined with Jack's head down, and Will's little bootie on my cervix, I think I'm just bound to feel more and more uncomfortable from here on out! But as long as there's no bleeding, and they are continuing to grow, it will all be good!

Thanks for your continued prayers, and I'm hoping that from here on out, my blogs are just going to be boring reports of the same ol' same ol'!!


Riley Kai said...

So glad everything is ok! You can never say this pregnancy was uneventful:-) Im proud of you for not hesitating on going back to the hospital! Being a mommy is about putting your babies first and you have already gone above and beyond! Continued prayers for your peace of mind and for those sweet boys to stay put and grow,grow,grow!

Marie W said...

Your posts are never boring! Glad you are back home and keeping you in prayer. Yay for 28 weeks!

Tena said...

So glad everything is fine! Keep up the good work - growing healthy, strong babies...and let Justin and your parents take awesome care of you! Call if you need anything!

Anonymous said...

Glad your back home. Take it easy and enjoy some pampering!!

erickson family said...

hi alyson, i am sooo glad you are back home and everything is going okay! i meant to tell you before this all went down that a frien of mine here said that she had a friend in the south that had contractions everytime she went outside in the heat! seeing as how hot it is in texas-i am prescribing that you stay at home from now on. :) miss you! love you!

Jodi said...

We like your "boring" posts! We can hold off seeing your precious boys - love hearing how they are growing and growing! :)