August 16, 2010

First Baby Shower!!

On Saturday, some wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful ladies from my church threw me (and the boys) a very special baby shower!! It was another milestone in this pregnancy that was so wonderful to reach!

Here are the wonderful ladies who hosted the shower, and worked so hard on each and every detail! Michelle, Angela, Anne, Lisa, and me (who looks like an amazon woman next to these petite ladies! I didn't realize I was that much taller than all of them!)

The beautiful and yummy spread...there was fruit, savory scones, monkey bread, a breakfast casserole, and some delicious decaf coffee punch---all absolutely delicious!

My good friend Dara, who I met our freshman year of college, made this adorable diaper cake for the shower, and mailed it all the way from Maryland to Texas! It is so adorable!! It has tons of diapers that we can use, and had their names on blocks on the cake as cute!

I had to take a picture with Michelle (who hosted the shower at her home) with her cutie-pie daughter Addie. She was all dressed up for the shower also, and is just the most precious little girl!

Mom and I enjoying the special day

Another sweet friend from church, Jeanette, who is SO incredibly talented, made a gorgeous cake! We realized we hadn't taken a picture together right as she was starting to cut it, so ignore the giant knife sticking out of the cake in this picture!!!

Is this not adorable--and all the details she did by hand!! Wow!

Some other wonderful friends came to share the day with me...we didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are some of the wonderful people who were there!

Another friend that I met in college, who actually lives about 5 minutes from my house, Lauren and her beautiful daughter Kayden

Special friends of our families, Carol and Connie

April, a wonderful woman I met in a bible study a few years ago, and has remained a close friend who understands the journey of infertility!

My sweet friend Ginny. She and her husband were actually some of the first friends we had in Texas when we moved here knowing no one!

Jeanette and Leslie, wonderful friends from church

Angela and Jen, more special friends from our church

I was just overwhelmed at the generosity of all of our wonderful friends. As they brought the gifts for me to open, I was surrounded by a sea of things for our boys! There were even many presents from friends who couldn't make the shower, but still took the time to bring a gift...what wonderful people we are surrounded by in our life. I'm so thankful for each and every person God has placed into our would not be the same without all of you! Thank you so much for celebrating our precious boys with us!

Here are just a few pictures of the amazing presents the boys received...There was a ton of things that were monogrammed with their names---just the cutest things I've ever seen!!

Thank you thank you ladies for making this day so special, and for all of the wonderful gifts. I know that God is going to bless you for all that you did to bless us!

I can't believe that we are going to have two more showers as well--one at my mom's house in a few weeks, and another that my school that I worked at for the last three years is going to throw for me. It is hard for me to be on this side of the feels almost like I'm pretending. I've wanted to be a mom for so long, but it just kept not happening. Now it seems like it can't possibly be real! I guess it is going to take finally having my babies in my arms to really believe that this is all really real!!

Thank you everyone!


Audra said...

Oh Aly, I wish I could have been there. The cake is darling! And Dara's diaper cake is too cute. I bet you won't be able to take it apart and use the diapers until one day when you run out, Justin is at work and it's either take the diaper cake apart or use your dish towels! :) You won't believe how quickly they go through diapers, and I've never had twins! What a blessing to have such a lovely shower and such wonderful friends! Love you.

TN Bakers said...

Wish I could've been there!! I have GOT to get the recipe for the coffee punch, I have never heard of that but it looks delicious!!! Also that cake is too adorable!! How fun!

Taryn said...

oh my goodness that cake is amazing! So fun! Doesn't the shower seem unreal? I felt just as you wrote having a shower? But once you get everything home and have everything set up for those sweet boys, God will continue to reassure you...this IS REAL! So happy for you. I keep up with all you are doing and love seeing the boys grow. I would LOVE to maybe meet them once they arrive. Still thinking of you and saying prayers often.

Baby Games said...

very fantastic.. cake design.. I love it. the color is perfect.. looks very delicious.

Mickey Buarao

Kelly said...

Looked like a beautiful shower were very spoiled! That cake is just amazing...I love it :)