August 26, 2010

28 Weeks--3rd Trimester!

Phew! After a crazy few days, we have made it officially to the 3rd Trimester!! Praise Jesus!

(Ignore the rolled pants...I just didn't want anything tight around the belly!)

Just to clarify where I am, after the back and forth to the hospital the last few days, we are at home, and happy to be here! So far, no more spotting, contracting, back pain...all of the symptoms that took us in this past week. We have gotten the all clear from my doctor to stay at home on bedrest as long as everything stays status quo. Any bleeding or strong contractions would take us right back to the hospital, and then would most likely be there for the duration. So we are praying that all will stay boring here...that they boys will continue to grow, kick, and do all of their developing inside!

I'm not going to post my 20 questions list this week...but hitting the 3rd trimester is such a huge milestone for me! I love it because it means we are officially in the home stretch, but also for the fact that the boys have such better chances of minimal complications should they come early. It also just seems so much closer to the end...I can give myself small little goals to make it through...30 weeks, 32 weeks, 34 weeks, and then 36 weeks. The boys continue to move around, and stick their little bums/backs out quite often. They are really growing, and it is just so much fun to have them moving around inside me!

I never realized bedrest/sitting around could actually make you so sore! I've always heard about people going on bedrest, but never really thought about what it means on your backside, hips, etc, just sitting around on them all day! Especially when you add an extra 20+ pounds right on the middle! But all worth it! I'm on modified bedrest, which according to my doctor, means staying down (bed, couch, recliner, etc) most of the time. I can still shower, and make my own way to the restroom. Thank goodness--I can't imagine having to be completely flat all the time! And so many of the hobbies I have are ones that I can totally do sitting around...crocheting, reading, watching life shouldn't be too bad! And I have the best mom, dad, and Justin are taking such great care of everything! It is hard for me to just be sitting and not doing things around my own home, but I'm so thankful for all the support, so I can just sit around and grow these baby boys!

An added perk of my modified bedrest is that I'll still be able to attend the baby showers that were planned for me this week and next! What a fun thing to look forward to!

I know I say it all the time, but I just so appreciate all the prayers that are being said for us all over the world. Prayer really does work! Thank you!


Kelly said...

Congratulations Alyson & Justin! What a wonderful milestone to reach! I'm so happy to hear things have settled down again. Enjoy your baby showers deserve them :)

AROSS said...

I'm praying SOOOO hard for you and the babies to grow, grow, grow!!!! Looking forward to the baby shower next week!

Anonymous said...

...and the prayers will continue until they are safely in your arms!!! Enjoy your time relaxing!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Alyson! I was so happy to see this post this morning. I'm praying lots that the boys will just continue to grow - enjoy your rest time too, hope you get to sleep well! You are an encouragement to me in my waiting - God is just so faithful and I really praise Him for blessing you with your miracles!

The Smith Family said...

I started following your blog awhile back.. before you were pregnant. I went on maternity leave and came back to find that the fertility treatments had worked! Praise! I have so enjoyed reading your blog and praying for you. Couldnt be more excited for someone i dont know! I'll keep praying for you all and I cannot wait to see pictures of those sweet boys when they decide(hopefully not for awhile) to make their entrance.