August 31, 2010


Well, what a difference 24 hours makes in my emotional level! First of all, thank you to ALL of you who are praying for us, sending us encouraging notes, emails, texts, Facebook messages, etc...even if I haven't responded to you, I've gotten them all, and I appreciate your words so very much!

So far, last night and today have been my best day yet since I've been here! The bleeding is just about stopped, my water hasn't broken, my cervix is seeming to hold tight, and I haven't had any recorded contractions since yesterday morning! Praise Jesus!

Yesterday started off so hard, but ended up being a great day. I just have the best doctors, here at the hospital, and other ones I've been under the care of! My dad sent an email to Dr. Haney (my TAC dr in Chicago), and in about an hour, he was calling me. Amazing! We spoke for about 35 minutes, then he called my MFM Dr. Z (my high risk doctor here), and then called me back! I have never had such wonderful experiences with doctors taking so much time and one-on-one amazing care before. We are all still not exactly sure what has really does look like the TAC isn't doing what it is supposed to do, but we really don't know if it broke, came untied, was weak, etc. Dr. Haney is so wanting to learn everything we can from what is happening, so if there need to be changes is TAC procedures in the future, they can be made. He is continually studying, adapting, and making these TACs the best they can possibly be for women with incompetent cervix. We are mulling all sorts of possibilities within my own body that could explain what is going on, so hopefully, down the road, we can figure out some things! I still am a whole-hearted proponent of the TAC...even if we find out that mine has 'failed' to stay in permanently.

Justin, my mom, my dad, and I met with the OB doctor here last night, and I can't even begin to tell you how encouraged we all were. We have a great plan in place for when things start happening...the babies are #1 priority, and by careful monitoring, they will determine the speed at which the c-section takes place. They are all completely understanding of my fears, my history, and my SUPER unusual situation. I feel so comfortable being under their care (there are 7 doctors who rotate through my care). Seems crazy with so many people involved, but I love it because it means that there is someone here 100% of the time to take care of my boys and me!!

So all these details to say that I'm so very encouraged. Whenever these boys come, they are going to be in great hands, and however long they stay inside of me, they are in great hands! The prayers and love of people all around the world is giving us all the strength to continue on with peace!!

Phillipians 4:6-7 was such a lifeline to us when we were going through everything with Jonathan, and God brought it to us again twice yesterday...from completely different people who definitely hadn't talked to each other. God is so good, and He is in control!!

"Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."

August 30, 2010


This morning my high risk doctor, Dr. Z, came by to do a sonogram to see if we could figure out the reason for the bleeding that brought me back here, and to see if there are any changes.

I'm still in shock at the results, but what he found is that my TAC (abdominal cerclage) has actually broken. This was not at all supposed to be in the realm of possibility. In all the researching I've ever done, or in the stats from my dr in Chicago who put it in, has there been one break. I'm not 100% convinced that it actually 'snapped', but wondering if somehow the knot in it came loose. According to my Dr. Z a few weeks ago, a TAC is such a strong band that he "could swing from it." So either I have sons that are the strongest little boys in the world (their daddy is superman afterall), it was faulty (which I can hardly believe could be the case either), or I'm just destined, no matter what, to have an incompetent cervix.

As of right now, Will's bag of water is starting to bulge down into my cervix from the uterus. My cervix at the moment is still closed and 32mm long (down from 48mm last Tuesday). That is good. But I have been having bleeding (Dr. Z thinks from the changing cervix) and bouts of contractions about once a day since I've been here. They have been able to be stopped by terbutaline shots so far. For some reason, even though my cervix didn't hold with Jonathan, right now, even with 2 babies pushing on it (minus the cerclage) it is still holding. (I'm thinking it is God!!)

Even though at the moment, all is still good, it has been a very tough morning with the similarities of what is seeming to unfold. The doctor's keep pointing out that this is completely different...and in most ways it is. Today I am 28w4d, very much past the viability point. However, what scares me is that if my water breaks, I don't want to relive what happened with Jonathan...waiting to try to let him grow more, and compressing his cord. Dr. Z said at first that even if my water were to break today, we would try to keep them in as long as possible to let them grow. As much as I want them to grow inside of me, I just couldn't sit there and hope that it all doesn't happen again. I would much rather have them, if/when my water breaks, to be taken out and cared for 24/7 in the NICU. As much as I don't want them to have to have any struggles or undue suffering, I want them to live. I want them both to live...even if they have to be in the NICU for awhile. The dr. on call today who would deliver if something should progress today, is on board and completely understands where I'm coming from. Water breaks=baby time.

Today their estimated weights are 3.2 (Jack) and 2.13 (Will). So Dr. Z is pleased that they are good sized babies. I'm so glad that they have been able to stay inside growing for this long, and I pray that they will just stay put and continue with it. We learned that for every 24 hours inside, it is 48 hours less time that they have to be in the NICU. So the longer the better, but I just want them to be okay.

PLEASE continue to pray for all of us, that God would keep protecting our baby boys. He is still doing miracles, and I'm trusting Him and resting in Him for this situation as well. It's just so scary.

And to all those who have TACs or are getting TACs soon, don't fear. I still think the TAC is the greatest thing in the world for people who have IC. Without it, we wouldn't have gotten this far in this pregnancy. So it really hasn't failed at all. I'm going to be contacting Dr. Haney, to see if we can get to the bottom of what happened. If there has to be one to fail at some point, I guess I've taken it so all of your's can go on without any problems at all.

And also, for all my wonderful friends that want to come visit me in the hospital, I think would appreciate a raincheck until a little bit later. Feel free to call me, email me, or text, and I'll answer/respond when I can, but I just want to be as calm, still, and mellow as possible, at least to get us through another week or two! I'll do my best to update on here as much as possible, just so you can know how to pray. I'm sure Justin will keep his facebook updated as well.

I love you all so much, and your love and prayers mean the world to me...truly.

August 29, 2010

My High Tech Baby Shower!

So laying around in a hospital bed gives me a lot of time to figure out some of the cool things on my new laptop! Instead of just a regular post about the great shower I got to "go" to yesterday, I made a video with iMovie! Still figuring out little things, and this was really my first official one, but I think it turned out okay! Hope you like it!

Justin and my parents went above and beyond throwing us this shower, and so many wonderful friends came to celebrate. Even though I wasn't actually there physically, thanks to modern technology, and a borrowed laptop from some friends, I was "ichat-ed" in and got to participate! There were a few glitches when they couldn't really hear me, but I could hear and see everything that was going on! And my wonderful husband was my stand in...and did an amazing job!!

I don't think I got everyone who was there on the video, but I so appreciate all of you and your love. Thanks also to those who couldn't come and sent special notes and presents! You are all so very thoughtful and went above and beyond! I can't wait until I get to see all the wonderful things for our boys in person! =)

Hope the video works...pause the music at the bottom of the page if you'd like!

What an absolutely wonderful day!!!

August 27, 2010

New home...

Well, I’m officially in my new home.  Right before lunchtime today, I had a big episode of bleeding and a large clot (TMI—I’m sorry!).  It was a bit scary, but my dad was at my house already bringing me lunch, and brought me quickly back to the hospital. Justin met us here within minutes, and  we were quickly put on monitors, to make sure that the bleeding wasn’t affecting the babies.  After monitoring them for about 3 hours, they’ve determined that the babies are just fine, and most likely the bleeding is from my low-lying placenta, but not in a way that is, as of right now, doing anything to the babies.  I haven’t been having any contractions either, so right now, they are not thinking that labor is imminent. 


But, we are pretty much here in the hospital for the long haul.  They moved me from a labor and delivery room to the high-risk ob floor, and it really isn’t bad.  Would you believe it…they even allow people to bring up their pets for 2-hour stretches at a time!  So, starting next week, Betsy can come and visit her mommy!  How cool is that?  The nurses and doctors are wonderful…making me feel so comfortable, and are very encouraging to me to make myself as much at home as possible!  I even have a little fridge in my room!


The neonatologist came and spoke with us tonight as well—what a wonderful doctor!!! He reinforced the fact that the boys being over 28 weeks is a GREAT thing! Justin and I were so happy to get to have this talk with him right away.  He even said that if we’d like to go on a tour of the NICU, we are more than welcome to!  This hospital definitely is where we want to be for our boys…the NICU is great, and no matter what amount of time they have to be here, they are going to be in the best hands.  We just believe that being here on bed rest will allow me to go all the way, and they won’t have to even see the NICU!


I did have a little breakdown after the doctor came back this afternoon and said that I was here for the duration. My hubby just held me, and reminded me that this is just the best for all of us.  I know that, and I’m so glad to be here too. But, I think the thing that made me cry, was that my shower was supposed to be tomorrow.  My parents had gotten everything ready at their house, and people were even starting to arrive.  Just a little thing, but made me sad. 


BUT… thanks to today’s technology, and a wonderful friend letting us borrow their MacBook, I’m going to get to ichat in to my own shower tomorrow morning! So the shower is still on!  God is so good…even taking care of little details like that for me!


Thanks (again and again!) for all your continued prayers…and I’m sure I’ll be checking in regularly from my new little home…Room 353 at Plano Presby!

August 26, 2010

28 Weeks--3rd Trimester!

Phew! After a crazy few days, we have made it officially to the 3rd Trimester!! Praise Jesus!

(Ignore the rolled pants...I just didn't want anything tight around the belly!)

Just to clarify where I am, after the back and forth to the hospital the last few days, we are at home, and happy to be here! So far, no more spotting, contracting, back pain...all of the symptoms that took us in this past week. We have gotten the all clear from my doctor to stay at home on bedrest as long as everything stays status quo. Any bleeding or strong contractions would take us right back to the hospital, and then would most likely be there for the duration. So we are praying that all will stay boring here...that they boys will continue to grow, kick, and do all of their developing inside!

I'm not going to post my 20 questions list this week...but hitting the 3rd trimester is such a huge milestone for me! I love it because it means we are officially in the home stretch, but also for the fact that the boys have such better chances of minimal complications should they come early. It also just seems so much closer to the end...I can give myself small little goals to make it through...30 weeks, 32 weeks, 34 weeks, and then 36 weeks. The boys continue to move around, and stick their little bums/backs out quite often. They are really growing, and it is just so much fun to have them moving around inside me!

I never realized bedrest/sitting around could actually make you so sore! I've always heard about people going on bedrest, but never really thought about what it means on your backside, hips, etc, just sitting around on them all day! Especially when you add an extra 20+ pounds right on the middle! But all worth it! I'm on modified bedrest, which according to my doctor, means staying down (bed, couch, recliner, etc) most of the time. I can still shower, and make my own way to the restroom. Thank goodness--I can't imagine having to be completely flat all the time! And so many of the hobbies I have are ones that I can totally do sitting around...crocheting, reading, watching life shouldn't be too bad! And I have the best mom, dad, and Justin are taking such great care of everything! It is hard for me to just be sitting and not doing things around my own home, but I'm so thankful for all the support, so I can just sit around and grow these baby boys!

An added perk of my modified bedrest is that I'll still be able to attend the baby showers that were planned for me this week and next! What a fun thing to look forward to!

I know I say it all the time, but I just so appreciate all the prayers that are being said for us all over the world. Prayer really does work! Thank you!

August 25, 2010

Home again!

Wow...kind of feeling like a yo-yo, but that is okay!!

As of 12:30pm, I'm back at home. My high risk doctor was actually able to come in earlier this morning that we expected and do a scan. The babies look great, my cervix still looks long and closed, and he doesn't think my placenta is bleeding. He thinks the bleeding was coming from the lowest part of the cervix, which is usually typical and pretty sensitive in pregnancy. He was completely okay with me heading back home, since all looks good, but says if there is any more bleeding, just to come back and be checked. He says if I feel like I get to a point where I'm going back and forth too much, he is would at that point want me to stay in hospital. He just doesn't like to put people in for good too early.

I really feel okay about coming back home. As nice as it is to be on the monitor, and see that there were no contractions, I know I'll be okay at home too. If we need to go back and stay, we will! Tomorrow is 28 weeks, and that is a huge milestone in development for the boys. The boys, according to my doctor, are already big, and combined with a shared placenta, lots of fluid, I feel a lot of normal pressure. That combined with Jack's head down, and Will's little bootie on my cervix, I think I'm just bound to feel more and more uncomfortable from here on out! But as long as there's no bleeding, and they are continuing to grow, it will all be good!

Thanks for your continued prayers, and I'm hoping that from here on out, my blogs are just going to be boring reports of the same ol' same ol'!!

Back to the hospital...

So I woke up this morning and had some spotting, so we immediately headed back to the hospital. Babies are doing fine, and I'm not really showing any contractions, so that is good. The doctor here says it looks like the spotting could be from my low-lying placenta. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, especially if my cervix isn't changing. My high risk dr will be here tonight for an ultrasound, and we'll know more. So for today, we're just hanging out, watching the contraction monitor, and we will know later on if this will become my home away from home for awhile! It is just reassuring to be here, just in case we need the drs quickly! I will update more later. Thanks for your prayers!!

August 24, 2010


I've been home most of the day today, and it is so nice!! Justin, Mom, and Dad are taking great care of the boys and me, and Betsy is loving that I'm here!

It will be a tough adjustment actually being here, yet not being able to do anything, will all be worth it when they are born big, healthy, and strong...months from now!!!

August 23, 2010

Yay Uterus!

Another great report from the hospital!  Jack and Will are doing so very well…great heart rates on the last check, and I’m still not having contractions!  Praise the Lord, and Yay, uterus!  You’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing!!

We definitely have ended up having a great weekend…I know that sounds so strange to say on a blog I’m typing from the hospital because of pre-term contractions, but God has had his hand in every detail!!

For me, this weekend has been great because know I feel a lot more confident of quite a few things…

~My husband and my parents are the best!   Justin is my rock, and gave me that strength to make a smart choice to come in on Saturday morning.  I don’t know why I was waffling…I think, deep down, I didn’t want to be reliving the past.  But thank Jesus, we are in a completely different situation here, and the boys are going to be just fine! We needed to be here, and he got me here! My parents have been such a help to us as well—and have taken so much stress off Justin as he has to keep working!  My mom has spent 2 nights with me at the hospital (she is seriously a hospital assistant extraordinaire after all the time she has spent with my gram in the hospital this year) and is just so wonderful to have nearby for help.  My dad has been a great too—he’s brought us food, sat with me here so I didn’t have to be alone, and they both are planning on being there for me all the time once I’m at home on bed rest!  I’m so very blessed to have them all!

~I now feel like I have a pretty good handle on what a contraction feels like.  Since I never felt them with Jonathan before my cervix opened, I wasn’t quite sure what they felt like.  Also, I now know that even though I have a very full tummy of two active baby boys (I’m full term singleton size according to my doctor), I have a much better feel of an actual contraction vs them just moving. I got to see the contractions on the screen at the same time I was feeling them, so that helps me out.

~We have AMAZING doctors caring for us.  Even the ones we just met here in the hospital have been incredible, and I feel confident that even if these babies had to come earlier that we want them too, we are all in the best hands possible!

~God has (again!) brought wonderful nurses into our life when we needed them during scary times.  My day nurse, Amanda, was with me every day that I have been here…usually unheard of in hospital schedules!  She added such calm to the early scary times, and has been a wonderful resource!  I think I’ve made a new friend—isn’t God good? =)


There is so much more good that has come out of this…

And honestly, I’m so excited to just get the next (hopefully) 8+ weeks just focusing completely on my baby boys!  They’re depending on me to stay calm, help them grow, and keep them inside as long as possible…and I can’t think of a better job!  The years after this, for the rest of my life, I’m sure will not ever be this calm again, so I’m going to enjoy each and every moment!

Thank you so much for your prayers…I can’t begin to express how much they have worked, and are still working!  I think God even made the magnesium sulfate do its job without giving me hardly any of the usual nasty side effects!  Just about every doctor and nurse that saw me this weekend couldn’t believe that I was really on mag!  My nurse said she even checked the expiration date on it just to make sure it wasn’t expired, since I was doing so well!  How funny is that? And how just like God?! 

I’m off to get a quick shower—heavenly—and then off to bed!  Can’t wait to give you more great updates!

Quick post for now...

All is still going well! They are going to start weaning me off magnesium in about an hour, and start me on the procardia . They are going to watch me for 24 hours just to make sure the contractions stay away. Sounds good to me!!

I will post more later tonight with how it's all going and more details!! Thanks for all the continued prayers!!

August 22, 2010

Sunday morning good news!!

Last night went really well!  The contractions seemed to pretty much stop overnight, and are continue to stay away! The nurses and doctors are happy with what they’re seeing, and so are we!!  We still have until early tomorrow afternoon on the magnesium, and then will evaluate me on the medicine I will go home on to make sure that the contractions stay away!   I’m feeling really good—back pain is gone, and now I’m just dealing with some minor side effects of the mag.  Nothing too bad, just kind of annoying---but completely worth it!!

The boys are still hanging out in their cozy nest, happy as clams!!  They gave some of the nurses a run for their money when they were trying to trace their heartrates…I guess already doing the twin tag team thing!!  The poor nurses could find one or the other, or sometimes, the boys were close enough to each other where their were registering as the same for both.  They also moved away into each other’s side, just to try to escape the monitors!  Too funny!  But they’re doing great, and that makes us happy!

We’ll continue updating throughout the week…thanks for your continued prayers!

August 21, 2010

Stinking uterus...

So we're at the hospital...

Last night I had a really hard time sleeping, I wasn't sure if I was having contractions. My back was really hurting, and that really worried me since that was one big symptom I had two years ago with Jonathan. But no bleeding, leaking fluid, so I wasn't sure what was going on. I just didn't know if it was all in my head, and all of these feelings were normal at 27 weeks with twins.

By four, I was out in the living room, trying to get comfy, and Justin came out. He was obviously worried, saw that i was worried, and was the smart one and said, "Let's go. It will at least put your mind at ease." So we went off to the hospital at 5:45, and they were able to hook me up to the monitors right away and see that my stinking uterus was indeed having some contractions and uterine irritations. The boys' heartbeats looked and sounded great, though. They contacted my high risk doctor, and he came by around 1:30. He did an ultrasound, and my cervix and TAC are long, closed, and holding well. The boys look great, but his big concern is that with a TAC, contractions that don't stop and only get worse could lead to a ruptured uterus. Not a good thing at all, but he doesn't think my contractions are that strong yet. He just wants them to stop.

So...I'm laying here in a hospital bed, with a 48 hour magnesium sulfate drip to try to stop the contractions. He also, as a precaution, is giving me 2 steroid shots to help mature their lungs, just in case they have to be delivered early. We are praying that the mag will do the trick, and the boys will stay cozy and warm and grow for many more weeks! The doctor said even making it to 28 weeks (5 days from now) makes a huge difference. But that is still too early in this Mommy's mind.

Would you please lift us all up in prayer? Pray that the contractions stop. Pray that the boys are able to stay inside for many more weeks. Pray for Justin and I to be strong through this hurdle...this kind of Deja vu isn't fun. :-( Praise God that we have amazing doctors, amazing care, and a great NICU nearby, should we need it!

And it looks like I made it to bed rest! Maybe here in the hospital, or maybe at home. I'll do whatever it takes to give these boys the most time they need to develop! But if anyone has any good ideas or tips for bed rest activities, send them my way! :-)

August 18, 2010

27 weeks!!

A sneak peak of Will from yesterday's ultrasound... Look at that little button nose!!

It says Twin A, but she labeled it wrong and it really is Will...during this one, he was actually opening his eye! Just amazing!!!

Jack was still too far down, with his head down, to get any good pictures of him, and the tech says it will get harder and harder to get pictures of them as they get bigger. Bummer! But it is absolutely hilarious how when they do the ultrasound, we see just a jumble of arms and legs!! They are definitely getting bigger in there!!

They are both doing great...still no sign of TTTS, which means we're pretty much over any big risk from it! Yeah! My cervix is still long and closed, which means my TAC is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing! Praise Jesus! I just has to hold everything tight for at least 9 more weeks!!

(Belly picture coming later today)

How big are the babies?

Your baby at 27 weeks weighs slightly under 2 pounds. Your baby's total length is close to 14.4 inches. Your baby is now a perfectly formed albeit very tiny human being, but of course, he will continue growing as you continue your pregnancy week by week .

Total weight gain/loss?

Still no official weight check--that will happen at my OB appointment next week when I do my glucose check. But unofficially, at home, I've gained between 18-21 pounds. So not too bad! I have a feeling as the boys continue to grow, that number is going to change drastically!!

Belly measurement?

44 far I seem to be growing .5 inches a week!

Stretch marks?

Still none!


Depends on the night...about half of the nights this week were okay, but the other half I had some trouble getting deep sleep!

Best moment this week?

My brother was here last weekend, and he was so adorable! He is just so excited about these boys! He couldn't get enough of looking at my belly, feeling them kick, and talking to them! He is going to be a great uncle, and they are going to have a lot of fun with him!


There has been lots of movement from both of the boys this week. The ultrasound proved this yesterday when Will had changed positions again--from transverse to head up on my left side with his little bum sitting on my cervix, and my bladder!!

Food Cravings?

Not really...I feel like I'm really slacking in the craving department during this pregnancy! I thought you were supposed to be ravenous when pregnant, especially when pregnant! Oh well--I'm sure these boys will eat us out of house and home as they grow!!!

Labor signs?

Nope...having a few braxton hicks contractions now and then, but nothing showing any concerns as signs of pre-term labor.

Belly button--in or out?

Still technically in, but pretty darn close to being a flat belly button, not an innie or outie!

What am I looking forward to?

Next week! 28 weeks is officially 3rd trimester--so exciting! Also, next week I'm having 2 more baby showers!


I guess the fact that I could tell that their eyes are opening now is a milestone...just one step closer to them being ready to enter the world! I can hardly wait to see those 4 little beautiful eyes looking up at me!!

August 16, 2010

First Baby Shower!!

On Saturday, some wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful ladies from my church threw me (and the boys) a very special baby shower!! It was another milestone in this pregnancy that was so wonderful to reach!

Here are the wonderful ladies who hosted the shower, and worked so hard on each and every detail! Michelle, Angela, Anne, Lisa, and me (who looks like an amazon woman next to these petite ladies! I didn't realize I was that much taller than all of them!)

The beautiful and yummy spread...there was fruit, savory scones, monkey bread, a breakfast casserole, and some delicious decaf coffee punch---all absolutely delicious!

My good friend Dara, who I met our freshman year of college, made this adorable diaper cake for the shower, and mailed it all the way from Maryland to Texas! It is so adorable!! It has tons of diapers that we can use, and had their names on blocks on the cake as cute!

I had to take a picture with Michelle (who hosted the shower at her home) with her cutie-pie daughter Addie. She was all dressed up for the shower also, and is just the most precious little girl!

Mom and I enjoying the special day

Another sweet friend from church, Jeanette, who is SO incredibly talented, made a gorgeous cake! We realized we hadn't taken a picture together right as she was starting to cut it, so ignore the giant knife sticking out of the cake in this picture!!!

Is this not adorable--and all the details she did by hand!! Wow!

Some other wonderful friends came to share the day with me...we didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are some of the wonderful people who were there!

Another friend that I met in college, who actually lives about 5 minutes from my house, Lauren and her beautiful daughter Kayden

Special friends of our families, Carol and Connie

April, a wonderful woman I met in a bible study a few years ago, and has remained a close friend who understands the journey of infertility!

My sweet friend Ginny. She and her husband were actually some of the first friends we had in Texas when we moved here knowing no one!

Jeanette and Leslie, wonderful friends from church

Angela and Jen, more special friends from our church

I was just overwhelmed at the generosity of all of our wonderful friends. As they brought the gifts for me to open, I was surrounded by a sea of things for our boys! There were even many presents from friends who couldn't make the shower, but still took the time to bring a gift...what wonderful people we are surrounded by in our life. I'm so thankful for each and every person God has placed into our would not be the same without all of you! Thank you so much for celebrating our precious boys with us!

Here are just a few pictures of the amazing presents the boys received...There was a ton of things that were monogrammed with their names---just the cutest things I've ever seen!!

Thank you thank you ladies for making this day so special, and for all of the wonderful gifts. I know that God is going to bless you for all that you did to bless us!

I can't believe that we are going to have two more showers as well--one at my mom's house in a few weeks, and another that my school that I worked at for the last three years is going to throw for me. It is hard for me to be on this side of the feels almost like I'm pretending. I've wanted to be a mom for so long, but it just kept not happening. Now it seems like it can't possibly be real! I guess it is going to take finally having my babies in my arms to really believe that this is all really real!!

Thank you everyone!

August 12, 2010

26 Weeks!

How far along?

26 weeks!

How big are the babies?


"Your baby may weigh about 2 pounds now and is 14 inches in length. To support the baby's growing body, the spine is getting stronger and more supple. Though no longer than the span of the average adult hand, it is now made up of 150 joints, 33 rings, and some 1,000 ligaments. Air sacs in the lungs form now. Lungs begin to secrete a greasy substance called surfactant. Without surfactant the fetal lungs would stick together and couldn't expand after the baby is born. Although they've been sealed shut for the last few months, your baby's eyes are opening and beginning to blink this week. Retinas begin to form. Brain wave activity for hearing and sight begins to be detectable. Fetal brain scans show response to touch. If you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn his head, which according to researchers, means his optic nerve is working."

So amazing to us that all that is going on inside of me! Justin and I can hardly wait to test out the flashlight and see if they move!

Total weight gain/loss?

I've kind of stayed the same this week...depending on which scale I use, I've gained between 18-20 pounds.

Belly measurement?

43 1/2 inches

Stretch marks?

Still none!!!


I've been starting to wake up in the middle of the night, or early, and not be able to go back to sleep. It's not that I'm super uncomfortable or anything, but I just can't sleep! Strange!

Best moment this week?

I was playing music to them with some cool belly headphones that I have, and they reacted to it! Right when I put them on, they started moving for a few minutes!! So cool! They like Delirious, and also Baby Einstein's classical music! Going to try out some more great CDs we have!


I've been loving feeling the rolling type movements! Instead of just the taps/kicks, Will has been seeming to make longer, rolling-type movements. It almost feels like he is riding a bicycle in there or running...Justin said, " little triathlete!" Too cute!

I've been feeling a TON of movement from Will on my left side this week, and according to a quick ultrasound we had this week, he has totally crammed himself over into Jack's much so that Jack is curled into a ball way down low on my left side! So low that they had a hard time getting low enough to see him by ultrasound!! (If you look at my belly pictures above, you can see that my stomach is really heavy and kind of hanging down!) After a little talking to from his mommy, I think Will has started to go back to his side a little bit today...I'm feeling Jack moving more so I think he must have a little bit more space! =) Poor little guy!!

Food cravings?

Nothing major...just love anything with bread. But doing my best to make sure I'm getting lots of protein!

Labor signs?


Belly button--in or out?

Still in, but not by too much!

What am I looking forward to?

My brother is coming to town tomorrow to see my belly, and that will be a lot of fun! Also, my first shower is on Saturday!! I can hardly wait!!


We are on the 10 week countdown (making it to 36 weeks)! It seems incredible that we could really be this close to meeting the boys! I hope we really are more like on the 11-12 week countdown for their development-sake! 10 weeks just seems like it's right around the corner!!

I made a photo slideshow of my belly shots up to this week...amazing how much my tummy has grown! I'll keep adding to this each week, because I'm sure I still have a lot of growing to do!! Way to go, baby boys!!

Make photo slide shows at


And Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, Amy!! I hope you have a great day today! Love you!

August 9, 2010

Thank You, Jesus! (An Ellie Update)

I just got off the phone with my friend Andrea, who had a wonderful update on her sweet Ellie! (If you missed the earlier blogs about her, you can read here and here .) She had an appointment with her perinatologist today, and some miracles have happened!!! The last appointment she had a few weeks ago, Ellie's head was measuring around, her head is measuring over 25%! Not something that they are overly concerned about!

Also, the biggest miracle of all... In previous appointments, they had found fluid around Ellie's heart in every ultrasound she had, and they weren't quite sure why it was there. When Andrea asked, they told her that it probably wouldn't go away, since it doesn't really have anywhere to go. They told her that they would watch it to make sure it was staying the same and not getting any more. But today...The fluid was GONE!!! The perinatologist couldn't find it at all, and even asked Andrea what exactly she was referred to them for!

Isn't that just like God?? To do miracles that are beyond the scope of what we even hope for? Beyond what doctors say is even possible!!

Thanks for continuing to pray for my friend and her precious baby girl...and praise God with us for His miracles!!

August 6, 2010

Worried Betsy...

Our Betsy is just the sweetest, most sensitive little dog. She loves to be cuddled right close to our side, and she is the happiest when she is being loved on. She gets pretty upset if Justin or I raise our voices, and always gets right in between us like she's saying, "Come on, guys! Don't be upset!!"

I was reading a twin blog today, and came across a video of a set of twins crying, and I just had to record Betsy's reaction! Too cute!

She just doesn't have a clue of what is to come!!

August 5, 2010

25 Weeks!!!

One week closer to meeting our boys!!! They are doing so well, I'm growing (and growing!), and everything is looking just fabulous!

At yesterday's ultrasound, they were looking just amazing! Their heartbeats were 137 (Jack) and 143 (Will). They are both measuring 25w 3d, so 4 days ahead...great! The doctor was very happy to see that they are so big...Jack weighed 1lb 10oz and Will weighs 1lb 12oz!! So over three pounds of babies are what is making my tummy so big!! =) Their fluid levels are still pretty near equal on each side of the membrane separating them, so that means their is still no sign of TTTS! Praise Jesus!! My blood pressure was very good and low, my cervix is still long, and that makes me happy! He said that right now, they are on track to be 7 pound babies if I can make it to 36 weeks--how awesome would that be for twins?!!

Here are some pictures of our little guys...

Jack is still in the same position, head on my right side, feet and booty down by my cervix, and he is looking toward my spine. He gave us some really cute shots and video of his face, and he had his little hand and fingers right up by his face! Just too cute!!

Will is still in the transverse position, but has completely flipped! His head is now over on the right side and his feet are on my left. He and Jack are lying with their heads right together-sweet brothers! And nice of him not to be kicking his brother in the head for a little bit!! He also decided that he didn't want to show us a clear view of his face (again!), but he did impress us with his gymnastic abilities!! He had his arms a legs stretched straight out. Look at those long legs!!

He finally gave us (almost) a little profile shot, and was touching his knee to his nose! He definitely gets his flexibility from his daddy!!

My appointment on Tuesday with my OB was great as well. We begin going every three weeks to her on our next appointment (the glucose test). My doctor is just so sweet, and gave me a great big hug...she is excited too at how far we have made it, and that everything is going so well!! She said I was measuring like a singleton pregnancy at 31 weeks, so I'm almost 6 weeks ahead, size-wise!! Wow! I'll add a picture of the tummy soon!

It is just so absolutely wonderful to be at this point, and on my way towards holding big healthy babies in my arms! Thanks for your continued prayers!!!

August 2, 2010

On our way home!

Pretty much the whole month of July, we've been camping out at my parents' house. After starting out house-sitting, then not being able to come home because of a broken water-heater, and then staying away just because our home was a serious project zone...we are finally moving home today! Our new king-sized mattress is arriving tonight, so we can officially move home and enjoy all of the hard work that has been done there! We are so ready!

Not to say that we haven't LOVED staying at my parents' house though...seriously!! My parents are so generous, hospitable, and made us feel so comfortable, and not like we were just wearing out our welcome. And the daily hops into the pool have been fabulous for this constantly overheated preggo!!! Thank you so much mom and dad, not only for letting us stay with you for a month, but also for ALL the help that you have given us (and are still giving us) at our house to help it be just perfect for our boys!!! I can't begin to even know how to say thank you for all of your hard work there. You guys are the best, and we love you so much!!

Hope you enjoy having your house back to normal...without us...but I will be back...just can't live without your pool during these 100+ degree days!!!

Keep watching for a post on all our updates...once the house gets all put back together, I can't wait to show it off!!!