July 16, 2010

Weddzilla Giveaways!!

Just a little break from the typical Steiner Life blog...

My brother's company,
is having some great giveaways over on their blog right now, and I just had to share! I love free things, so I couldn't resist posting these contests here on my blog!! =)

There are a few really cool prizes that you can win if you hop on over to Weddzilla.com Blog and check them out!

~The first giveaway is awesome if you are planning a wedding and need disposable cameras for the reception tables...Click HERE to check it out and enter!
~The second giveaway is great for any person in the bridal party, or if you just happen to like pretty necklaces!! No need to be a bride! Click HERE to check out that one!
It is super simple to enter these contests...I think it would be so cool if someone I know or that reads my blog wins!

You might not have heard of Weddzilla.com before...so let me give you the 2-second rundown of what it is and does...

Weddzilla.com is basically a website that simplifies weddings!!!

~If you are planning to get married, helping someone plan a wedding, or even know of someone who is planning a wedding, check out Weddzilla.com. It will help you to plan your wedding in an easier and smarter way: by having vendors come to you with their quotes, instead of spending hours calling multiple vendors for every little thing you need, and helping you to keep organized all the great inspirations and ideas that you find all over the web! It is so user/bride-friendly, that you the planning stress will start to melt away! And it is absolutely free!

~If you have your own business that is connected to the wedding industry (florist, photographer, cakes, etc), check out Weddzilla.com. You can save a ton of money on advertising, and sign up to be a vendor and will be able to search the Weddifieds (classifieds where brides post what they are needing for their special day). Pretty much, the brides come to you, and you can choose the date, budgets, and brides that you want to work with--and even connect with them through the site! So much more exposure for your business!

I know I'm a little bit biased because my brother and his wife started this company, but honestly, it is the most incredible website and biggest help for anyone going through or traveling on the the roller-coaster ride called wedding planning! I remember back in 2002 when I was busy planning my wedding...thank goodness my parents were helping, but I cannot imagine how much easier it would have been if Weddzilla had been around!

Take a couple minutes and check out the site. Even if there are no weddings in the near future for you, I'm sure you'll come across someone who you can at least tell, "You have to check out Weddzilla.com"!!

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