July 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This was a great weekend!

First of all, Justin was able to take Thursday and Friday off (kind of), and also Monday! So it was a wonderfully long weekend getting to spend a whole bunch of extra time with my sweetie!! On Saturday, we went out on a very special shopping trip. Justin finally got a new bike!! He has been doing triathlons for two whole seasons now, and it was time for him to actually get a nice bike!! When he first started doing tris, he found a 1985 bike in his size that was pretty cheap, but got him into triathlons! We said that if he kept doing these and really liked doing them, we'd upgrade the bike. And no better time than right now...I have a feeling that after the babies come, new bikes won't be a priority!! =)

Being the fact that he is 6'7" however, finding a bike that fits him is kind of hard!! He isn't the typical size of person who does triathlons, and if he was any taller, he'd have to order a special-order bike!! So after 4 stores, and trying not to get discouraged that we weren't finding anything, we hit the jackpot at the last store and got a great deal!!

Here he is getting ready to take off on his first ride on his new "steed" (as he calls it)!! It is a pretty awesome bike, and I'm just so excited that he is so excited!!!

Then Sunday morning we were up bright and early for Justin's 5K. It was so much fun to watch him, and a good mini-practice before his next triathlon at the end of the month!

At the start...
And at the end...

It just happened that where we were parked was about 50 feet up the hill from the finish line! So while he was running, I was relaxing in the car, watching for him to come around the last corner!!

Great job, Baby!!

And then on to the 4th of July! Of course, I had to take a picture with Betsy and Molly dressed up with flag scarves! (A tiny bit tough to get these girls to sit this close to each other...and look at the camera!)

We also threw a 4th of July swim party for about 8 couples from our church! It was so much fun--everyone brought food and we just relaxed and swam in my parents' pool (thanks mom and dad for letting us use your "resort" these last few weeks!!). But...of course...I only took ONE picture. I'm not sure what is wrong with me...I have a party that I want to blog about, and I end up with no pictures???!! I'm blaming it on pregnancy brain. =)

Here is the one picture I took...my crazy husband. Was he festive, or what?? Cracks me up!

Then Monday we just relaxed. Had nothing to do at all!

I hope you had a great weekend, full of relaxation, fun, friends, family, and good food!!

We have our next ultrasound of the boys on Thursday, so hopefully we'll have more good news and great pictures to share with you then!

(I'm trying to find a new blog editor for my Mac. I was bummed to find out that there doesn't seem to be anything comparable to Windows Live Writer for Mac. I know I can just use Blogger, but Live Writer was SO nice to use a couple times before my old laptop bit the dust! I'm a little frustrated at how many more problems I have blogging/formatting I'm having from my Mac! =( Any Mac users have any suggestions of something like Live Writer for Mac?? Thanks for your input!)


Joy said...

You're a big fan of America, Uncle Justin!


Giggles said...

You make try contacting Jenna at jennasjourneyblog.blogspot.com, she is a Mac user (if I remember correctly).

Audra said...

What a fun weekend you had! Tell Justin congrats on his "steed". Call Joe if you have any Mac questions, he is a Mac nerd.