July 7, 2010


I just had to do a quick post about my sweet baby boys, who seemingly this week have figured out how to really get their legs going! They are finally kicking their mommy--hard enough to feel and see from the outside!! I absolutely LOVE every single kick! (I know there will be days ahead where I'll probably want them to stop kicking for a little while! But I'm just so incredibly thankful for them and each moment that they are growing inside of me, that I'm determined to appreciate each and every little or big kick!)

Justin felt one of them kick for the first time a couple nights ago...I kept calling him over for days each time I'd feel a kick, but of course, the boys would choose that moment to get shy! But finally, they gave him a good one! Such a precious memory etched into my mind seeing his eyes light up and a huge smile spread across his face at the exact moment of the kick! He sure loves his boys, and is so excited to finally feel them!

I am sitting here on the couch, with both dogs completely out next to me, and the boys have just been kicking away. It is weird not to know which one is kicking at a certain time, but I've been feeling kicks on both sides, high up and low down, so I'm sure both of them are showing me their new strength!!

I can hardly wait to see their precious little faces again at my morning ultrasound tomorrow. Gosh I love these boys already!



Happy 37th Anniversary to my wonderful parents!! You are both such amazing examples to us! Thank you for loving each other even more with each passing year! I love you!


Cristina said...

That is so cool. I love being kicked (by babies, that is). =)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! How exciting!! So happy for you!

AROSS said...

YEAH! That has to be the best feeling in the WORLD!!!! I'm so glad the twins are doing great, and I am so happy for Justin and you!

Marie W said...

Kick away babies! :-). I can see Justin's face as he felt that kick. Happy anniversary to your sweet mom and dad.