July 10, 2010

Joys of homeownership...

The last few weeks, while my parents were out of town, we have been 'housesitting' for them and enjoying their pool!! We go home every few days to get the mail, check on our house, water the plants, scan in pictures from the ultrasounds =), and just keep an eye on things.

Since my parents are now back in town, we packed up all the stuff we'd brought over during the last few weeks, and headed home to spend some time in our own house and bed. So it was to our horror as we walked into the garage to start unloading the cars, we experienced the one of the great joys of homeownership...

Look carefully at the top of our water heater...do you see the leak? The rusty-looking water dripping down the side? By the time of this picture, the flow had stopped, but everything on the floor in that part of the garage was just a little bit wet. Fun.

But, the good news...and there seem to be many things that we can be thankful for!

~Our water heater is in the garage, not some closet inside the house. So the flood was limited to the garage, and really only affected the sheetrock on the little pedestal that the water heater is standing on. I just can't even begin to imagine the damage we would have had to face if our giant water heater was inside of our house!!

~We have a home warranty that will pay for a new water heater!!! Praise Jesus! We will just have to pay for any adjustments that the new water heater might require. Thank goodness, because we are already in the process of ordering and putting in new carpet at the end of the month, and we really didn't want to have to spend the money on a water heater instead of fresh new carpet for our boys!!

~Since there is no hot water in our house, and probably won't be until sometime later this week, we have a place to stay at my parent's house! We just put our stuff back into the car, and headed back to my their house!

All in all, not the kind of thing you want to come home to, but it could have been a WHOLE lot worse!! I guess when you're a homeowner, you just have to be ready for anything!!

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Candie said...

I'm just getting caught up on blogs - loved the pictures from the last post! Precious! When Cannon is sleeping, I can still see the same precious face I saw in our 4D sono. Those pictures are so fascinating. So, my sister came home one time and a pipe in the ceiling had busted and it was shooting water out while the ceiling fan was spraying the water all.over.the.house! It was a mess!!!!