July 2, 2010

A few things...and Happy 4th of July!!!

I had my 20 week OB appointment this morning, and everything is going SO well!! My blood pressure was low--120/70 (the last few times I've been, I must have been nervous, because it always started out high!!). I'm measuring at 24 weeks--a month ahead of a singleton--which is right on track for a twin pregnancy. I have officially gained 12 pounds, which my doctor says is great! I don't feel as guilty as I did early on, since my doctors are telling me I'm doing well, and the babies are showing good growth! Their heartbeats were at 138 and 146 this morning--perfect! So all in all, everything is on track just as it should be at this point! Good job, boys!! Keep it up!

And by the time I see my OB again, we will be at viability--past 24 weeks!! Today, we are 27 days away from that wonderful day. Now, I don't want my baby boys coming anywhere near that day, but it will just be such a great milestone to reach since we never quite made it there with Jonathan. Plus, we reach that day 2 days before Jonathan's 2nd birthday on July 31st. What a great thing to celebrate along with our sweet boy's birthday/angel day!

Yesterday I had such a fun time meeting my new friend and mentor, Sandra. Pretty soon after I found out I was pregnant with twins, I joined a group called PAMOM. It is such a great resource for moms of multiples!! I went to a meeting in April, and am planning on going to the meeting this month too. The cool thing about the group is that they set you up with a buddy/mentor to give you advice all throughout your pregnancy! They match you with someone who has a similar situation as yours, and they email/call to check on you/give you advice!

My buddy, Sandra, has 9 month old fraternal twin boys, Aiden and Carson. I finally
got to schedule a time to meet with her yesterday, and see her in action!! She is absolutely amazing, and such a great mom! I sure have a lot to learn, but I'm so thankful for Sandra and so glad to have her as my buddy! I'm so thankful for my few other twin moms that I know from church--what a blessing to have people who are ahead of me on this mommy to multiples journey! I'm definitely learning a lot from all of you!!!


And finally, I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday!! My friend Jenny from South Africa (who I've never really met in person, just through the blog world), sent us these adorable outfits!!! What a special gift and treasure for our boys! Thank you so much Jenny, for these and your sweet note!!

Justin and I are just amazed by the support, prayers, and love we have from people who are literally all over the world! This blog world is truly an amazing place...the friends we have made through sharing our lives on here have truly enriched our lives more than we could ever imagine!!

Thanks, Jenny, for taking the time to send us such a special gift! I can hardly wait to post a picture next year of our boys wearing their precious outfits, sent all the way to them from South Africa!!


Justin and I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July! We are having a bunch of friends from church over to swim and relax, and we're so excited! (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us use your pool!!)

What a great day to celebrate the freedoms that we are so blessed with here in our country! Thank you to all who are still fighting for these freedoms!!

Happy 4th of July!!


Marie W said...

Happy 4th! Glad your appointment went well and I am counting down the days to viability with you!

Stephanie said...

Fianlly, I got my blogger figured out through my blackberry. You are moving right along!! I'm so happy for you! Happy 4th dear friend!