July 8, 2010

The boys at 21 weeks!

Another wonderful appointment with Dr. Z, our maternal fetal medicine doctor!! Here are a bunch of pictures from the day so far, with the updated stats down below...enjoy!

Here's the belly at 21 weeks--wow! (I decided to use my laptop to take my pictures this week--pretty cool)
This is my computerized version of the positions the boys are in today! Jack is head up, with his little feet right down on my bladder! And Will is lying transverse, with his feet kicking Jack in the head!!

Here are their precious profiles... Jackson first with his little nose squished into my placenta!

And William just chilling!

And now for some 3D shots...

First Jack--since he was so close to my placenta, it made it a little hard to get super clear pictures of him (I guess the more fluid around them, the better the 3D shots turn out).

And Will... he was just hanging out, posing, moving his hands all around, and being a cooperative little guy!!

Overall, the boys are just beautiful and are doing SO incredibly well!! Dr. Z told us multiple times how well they are doing, how good they look, and how happy he is to see their great progress!

Today's Stats:

Jack--measuring 21w 5d (5 days ahead), 15 oz, heartbeat 152, all bones/measurements right on track, and plenty of fluid around him. Jack even had the hiccups while the doctor was trying to hear the umbilical cord sounds--I couldn't feel them yet, but it was so cute to watch his chest bouncing and hearing them through the doppler!

Will--measuring 21w 3d (3 days ahead), 14 oz, heartbeat 140, all measurements right on track, with plenty of fluid around him. He was pretty mellow today, just enjoying getting his pictures taken!! The DVD of the ultrasound is great of him--he was showing off how cute he is!

Mommy--BP 128/64, cervix measuring almost 6 cm and closed (Dr. Z said it was like a mile long!!)

It's just hard to believe that they are both just about a pound already!! What a great appointment--it is so reassuring that they are doing so well, and that my body is doing great keeping them in to grow strong and healthy! We only have 21 days until we make the 24 week/viability mark! And then on to full term...36 weeks (or more!)!

What a great day!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you!!
Take care of yourself..
Rest, Rest, Rest...eat well.
You are supporting some precious cargo! Don't feel quilty about letting others do everything for you! Above ALL else, take care of yourself!!

Tena said...

Yeah for continued good news! Love the way you marked your tummy!!

AROSS said...

Great news! The babies are just precious. I am so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Very good news!

Lianna Knight said...

GREAT news...and so so adorable!

amy (metz) walker said...

Such a cute post and I LOVE your little digital picture on your belly. Made me laugh...and miss you! I've grinned a couple times when I hit a yellow light, thinking about our "cursed" drive in Texas! ;-)