July 21, 2010

Another great appointment!!

I'm so happy to report in another great appointment and ultrasound!! We only got a few pictures today--mostly of Jack. Will was facing down and it was hard to get any good 3D shots of him. Here is one of the best ones of Jack posing a little bit. I haven't scanned any in to the computer yet (our house is in shambles because of all the amazing projects we have going--a post on that soon--so the computer with the scanner is unplugged at the moment!). Justin was able to sneak a picture of the screen with his iphone during the appointment, so I thought I'd just put that one up for now!

We just love love love seeing these precious faces, cute little noses, and delicate little hands. What a treat to get so many 3D pictures of the boys!!! We feel very lucky!

All of the news from the appointment was wonderful...my cervix is still 'a mile long' according to the doctor (6 cm), and the boys' fluid levels around them continue to remain pretty even. Their abdomens looked about the same size (actual measurements are in 2 weeks), and all these things means that there is still no sign of twin-to-twin-transfusion! Praise Jesus!!!

Jack's heart rate was 151, and Will's was 143--nice and strong! Jack was definitely our mover today, and they are still in pretty much the same position as last time--Will transverse and Jack on my right side with his feet down near my bladder! It cracked us up---on the dvd they made, we could actually see Will's foot right behind Jack's head...he is probably getting a lot of kicks in the head, poor baby!

A post on the progress of the nursery coming soon...it is painted, chair rail is up, and the last thing we're waiting for is carpet next Tuesday!! I seriously walk in there and want to cry it is so cute!!


A quick update on my friend Andrea's baby Ellie:

Last they heard her head was measuring in the 20th percentile...bigger than they had originally thought, and her limbs are measuring on track. She is still showing some fluid around her heart, but no more than before--praise Jesus! She goes in for a specialized ultrasound on Friday morning, and I know she would appreciate your prayers! God is a miracle working God!!! I'm believing for great news!!


Cristina said...

I'm so glad that you posted about the appt. I hope that you will post your weekly update tomorrow. And what Justin's tummy? Is it getting any bigger? LOL

mrs.newby said...

i found your blog today and fell in love with it. anyways im a new follower now. cant wait to read more :)

AROSS said...

This is great news!! The picture is precious!

Lindsay said...

Such a great update! I love reading all about your wonderful pregnancy! I'm so happy for you!