June 23, 2010

Twin update!!

Today I'm just one day shy of 19 weeks, and we had such a WONDERFUL appointment this morning with our maternal fetal medicine (high risk doctor), Dr. Z! The boys are doing so well, and were both moving around a whole bunch today! It is just so much fun seeing our boys!! It is still sometimes hard for me to believe there are two inside of me, and hard to imagine how in the world they are both going to have room as they continue to get bigger!!

They both are laying with their heads on my left side, with their legs towards my right. The doctor said they were looking bunk bed style, with Jack on the bottom bunk and Will on top. Just in the last few days, I have definitely been feeling little jabs, especially when I lay down at night. Still, because of the location of my placenta, I'm not feeling a ton, but I know the big movements are on the way soon! I think Will likes putting is little arms up into my left ribs--such a weird feeling. I feel him especially when I'm driving! I have a feeling they'll both be up in my ribs/lungs before too long!! =)

Their heartbeats were nice and strong--Jack (A) was 138, and Will (B) was 153. They are still not showing any signs of twin-to-twin transfusion, something that they monitor for very closely with mono-di twins. Praise Jesus!!! We even got some AMAZING 3D shots of their precious faces today as well, along with two cute profile shots.

The news that was the icing on the cake today is that my cervix is measuring long (5.15cm) and closed!! Hitting 19 weeks tomorrow brings us into the same time-frame in Jonathan's pregnancy when my cervix was starting to fail...but we just didn't know it at the time. So by hearing and seeing that everything looks perfect right now really puts our minds at ease. I can't begin to tell you how much it puts my mind at ease!! I'm so thankful that we got the TAC...it is making all the difference for our sweet boys!!

Here are some adorable pictures of our guys, if I do say so myself!! =)

Cute profiles, in 2D


William (not sure why his picture is darker...hmm)

Now for the 3D pics...

The first two are of Jack, and the next three are Will. Can you see their noses, lips, and their cute little hands and arms??

And this last one was really neat because it got some of both of them in it!! You can see Jack's face, with Will's arm, body, and part of his head in front of him. It is just so cute to see them together...Jack kept kicking his leg over towards Will, and Will was stretching his arms towards Jack. So precious!!

We are just so incredibly excited to have gotten some amazing views of our boys today. God is so good, and we are just so thankful for these two precious miracle baby boys!! Thanks for your continued prayers!!


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! Praying every day for your sweet boys!
Love, Bess

Kristy said...


Ronni said...

This update made my day :)

Candie said...

wow Alyson. That 3rd picture is so clear. Unreal. I'm so passionate about everything going on with you right now and I get so excited every time I see a new post title. Prayers and love your way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This is so amazing!!

AROSS said...

This is so exciting! Adorable pictures!! Praying for you guys all the way!

Cristina said...

What a bunch of good looking guys! =) Can't wait to see them in the flesh!! We are so excited to be able to be closer to you and Justin and the boys so that we can watch them grow! =)

Love you, friend!

Weddzilla Aaron said...

so exciting...i love these updates!

Lianna Knight said...

I am literally in tears after seeing all the ultrasound pics. What two miracles/blessings you have Alyson!

Chani said...


I know you have no idea who I am, so I hope this doesn't seem strange, but I stumbled across your blog because I'm friends with Michelle Harmon and saw you on hers. I just want to say I've spent some time reading over your posts and I truly think you are an amazing person. I can't imagine all you have been through, but to be so faithful and know God will always and forever take care of you is just so wonderful to see. Even though we’ve never met, I'm just thrilled about your baby boys! I can just feel your excitement, and I'll be praying for you and your family through the duration of your pregnancy. Congratulations on this very happy time! :)

Chani Gunn

TN Bakers said...

That is sooooo sooo awesome Aly. Love it! Can't wait to meet these precious miracles very soon!

Lizy said...

So excited that your cervix is long!!!!!! I have been following you for a long time and never commenting. Sorry!!!!!!! I just saw you mentioned a TAC and I am on the fence about it. I also had a twin loss. Who did ur TAC? Lizy in sunny Chicago