June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to the three amazing and wonderful fathers that are a part of my life!

First of all, to my Papa...

I love you so very much, and I don't think I can even begin to express how grateful I am that you are my dad. You have always been the solid rock in my life...providing for me, loving me, and being the best daddy a girl could ever ask for!! It amazes me how much I see you in me...thank you for being my Dad! I know that I like to bug you sometimes, but know I love you more than anything!! I love it that we are and have always been best buddies, and I love being your little girl--even though I'm not so little anymore!!

To my sweet husband, the father of all of our children...

It seems so unfair that you are a father, but all of our children are in Heaven and they don't get to experience what a wonderful Dad their Daddy truly is. But I am so incredibly grateful and thankful that God has blessed us with our two new sons...I can hardly wait to see you as their dad, finally a dad here on Earth! You are going to be the best Daddy, and our boys are going to have so much fun each and every day with you!! I love you so much, Justin, and I'm so glad that my children get you for their father!!!
And to my father-in-law Gene...

You are an amazing and loving father to your children!! Thank you so much for the example you have always been to Justin his whole life! I know that because of the man and father you have always been, I benefit, and so will our children! You are a shining example here on earth of loving us like God loves his children!!

Justin and I both miss our grandpas, who lived amazingly full lives, and instilled so much into our lives. But we are happy to know that they are up in Heaven, celebrating this Father's Day with their grandson Jonathan and their Heavenly Father!!

We are just so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful generations of men in our family. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!!!

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Lianna Knight said...

So so sweet!!! Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in your life :)