June 15, 2010


My dad is such a sneaky and creative gift giver!! Yesterday around 4, he calls me and says he will be to my house in 5 minutes, so be ready. Since it was my mom's birthday, I immediately thought we were doing something/picking up something for her. He gets here, and we get into my car, and he says we're off on a secret mission. But first he wants to make sure I have my car insurance card. Now I'm really confused! And curious!! I'm not the most patient of people, and I definitely like to know 'the plan' for whatever I'm doing! But of course, he won't tell me! So we drive a little ways, and then I realize we are going to the tax assessors office, where you go for your car registration! I'm still in the dark, but after we get in there, he finally lets on the reason...he has ordered us personalized licence plates!!

How cute is this license plate???!!!
I can't wait to have our boys in my car, that has a special plate just for them!! Thanks Daddy, for coming up with such a thoughtful (and surprising) present! Love you!!
And just because the blog has been a bit devoted to the twins lately, I just had to post a recent picture of our sweet furry child. Seems that she too likes my pregnancy pillow!!


Ronni said...

Your dad is so cleaver and incredibly thoughtful! What an amazing gift :)

Lindsay said...

What a sweet gift from your dad!

AROSS said...

That is such a sweet gift! I am so glad to see you and the babies are doing so well!

Jodi said...

L.O.V.E. I.T.!!!!!!

Lianna Knight said...

LOVE it!! I always had personalized license plates growing up and this is the first time I do not....I miss it :)

Kristy said...

That is so cool!

And... I don't think I commented about it before, but I love the names Will & Jack! Such sweet, strong boy names! :)

I say a prayer for them and their mommy often!

Alison Mayes said...

I stumbled upon your blog. I am sitting here next to husband and I was thinking we are pretty similar. :)

I was reading about your little boy and my heart definitely went out to you. We have had 2 early miscarriages in the last 9 months. But so exciting to be having twins. Also I have a blonde cocker spaniel and his name is Cooper. :)