July 1, 2010

20 Weeks!!

I was blog hopping yesterday from a friend's blog, and I saw this great idea for weekly pregnancy updates. So I think I'm going to borrow the idea to use from here on out!!

How far along? 20 weeks today!

How big are the babies? According to Baby Center, they are about 10.5 oz, 10 inches from head to foot--about the length of a banana. Their head circumference is about the size of a large egg. I'm looking forward to my next ultrasound next week to get their exact measurements!! Hopefully they are still measuring ahead!

Total weight gain/loss? I think about 11-12 pounds now. I have my next OB appointment tomorrow, so I'll get the official number then!

Belly measurement? 41 inches at my belly button! Wowsers!

Maternity clothes? Yes! And I've definitely already outgrown some of the early ones! The maternity bathing suit isn't going to last too much longer, either! Yikes! Good think I have a big husband...I might be raiding his closest in the near future!

Stretch marks? None (yet?!)

Sleep? Pretty well still...I am surrounded by at least 4 pillows and a maternity wedge pillow. For the life of me, I still wake up on my back, which is a no-no at this point! Maybe I need more pillows? And a bigger bed too...poor Justin!

Best moment this week? Justin talking to his boys through my tummy. I just love it when he talks to them. I'm just so excited that he's going to be a daddy again, to two boys! He's going to be the BEST dad in the world!!

Movement? They're moving pretty regularly now, and I'm just starting to feel little jabs. I can hardly wait to be able to feel them from the outside so Justin can feel them too! Just last night, though, I had a huge first...maybe this should be another best moment for the week...I actually saw them kick (or maybe punch?) while I was laying on a float out in the pool! I saw it 5 times--just precious! I was trying not to laugh, but almost started crying instead! Too bad I couldn't capture it on video, or that Justin hasn't been able to see it yet. Of course, after they stopped, I paddled to the side of the pool and called Justin right away! SO EXCITING!!!

Food cravings? I feel like I've been hungrier the last couple of weeks...definitely eating more (and gaining more too!). I still like just about any kind of bread, and this week, I've been loving pita bread with hummus! Yum!

Labor signs? None...praise Jesus!! At my last ultrasound last week, my cervix was still super long and closed, so that is what I'm believing will continue all the way through!

Belly button--in or out? In still, but definitely getting shallower! I think it is only about a centimeter deep now...I bet it will pop out before too long! That will definitely be weird!

What am I looking forward to? Getting more done in the nursery! My mom (AKA our decorator) is coming back into town next week, and I'm hoping we get more done over the next month or so! We still haven't painted the room (my sweet hubby has been so busy with work!), but it is going to be so stinking cute when it is all put together! I can hardly wait!! I'm also looking forward to next week's ultrasound, when the boys will be measured again!

Milestones? This week is a milestone in itself...20 weeks-halfway in a full-term pregnancy! That means I'm a little over halfway done with twins!! Can't wait for these babies to be done baking--big, and healthy, and in my arms!!


Read post below for an update on sweet Ellie...


Kristy said...

Every time I read your updates I get so teary eyed! It's funny to be so emotional for someone you've never met, but I am just so thankful that those little guys are growing and moving!! The little kicks you could see- totally made me cry!!
I am so happy for you!!

AROSS said...

This is too exciting! I am glad everything is going so well and you could feel the babies kick. I look forward to seeing pictures of your sweet nursery. I know how great decorators your mom and you are! Praying for you and the babies!

Jodi said...

Love it!!!

Kelly said...

Hi Alyson,
I'm so glad all is going well for you, Justin and those precious boys. You look fantastic :)
I love the updates & belly pics too!
With love from your Abbysister Kel xo

Joy said...

Yay! You look adorable! You're more than halfway there! We pray for you guys ALL the time. :-)

God is good! I can't wait to meet my nephews!!!