June 18, 2010

18 weeks!

Yesterday I was 18 weeks...halfway through a full term twin pregnancy (36 weeks)!!! So exciting!!! I included the last 4 weeks of belly shots...definitely growing!! (Just ignore that I was wearing the same shirt the last few weeks--it is just comfy!!)

The babies are definitely moving more, but I'm still not feeling distinct kicks. The placenta is just in the way!! But it is sure nice to feel the rolling sensations. It gives me such an assuance that they are okay when I feel them!! I have my next ultrasound next Wednesday, and I'm really looking forward to seeing our precious boys again!!

Thanks for all your continued prayers!


So we finally got my laptop back, and pretty much, it is dead. The part that we thought was the problem wasn't, and pretty much, to fix it, it would need the mother board replaced for the second time. =-( So...we are shopping for a new laptop! I'm leaning towards getting a MacBook, but I was wondering if any of you had one. What do you think about it? I've been a PC girl forever, and am kind of nervous about switching over. It seems like a Mac will do everything I want it to do, including making working with pictures much easier. But how is it to blog from? Any perks of a Mac over a PC, or a PC over a Mac? Any advice you might have for me would be greatly appreciated!!



carolinagirl said...

Alyson I have a MacBook Pro and LOVE it! You won't be sorry if you get an Apple. If you have an Apple store near you, they have "classes" that you can take to help in any area that you need. Some are free and some you have to pay by the hour. Also, you might want to check if you can get an educational discount. :-) There are no problems with doing a blog on a mac computer. We have a Windows computer and the MacBook and I would rather be on the MacBook to do EVERYTHING. I also bought the microsoft version for the Mac so I can do things in word, powerpoint, excel, etc. I like the Apple format of Windows better than microsoft itself. It was great. We ordered ours from Apple online and when it arrived, we took it out of the box and after we registered the computer to me, I was using it in less than 20 minutes! Let me know if you have any further questions. You won't be disappointed with an apple!

Ronni said...

We dont have a macbook, but we have an iMac. I do like it BUT I do still use my PC for alot of things (mainly excel, quicken, turbo tax, those types of things). Blogging on the mac is great, no difference than on the PC. One thing that i felt disappointed in was that you have to buy extra software for some of the things youll want to do. Mainly photo editing. Granted, you have to do the same thing with a PC, but I was under the impression that it all came with it and it was just ready to go out of the box. Also, my scanner doesn't work on the mac without buying new software (so I just use my PC). It's probably my scanners fault since it is so old, but still another hurdle. Oh, there is no solitare on the iMac - which is Lance's only complaint! iMovie is pretty cool though, definatly a must with twins on the way :)

I know it sounds like I don't like the iMac. I do, I really do. It's just that I had never heard one single negative thing about Mac when we got ours. I think my expectations were set so incredibly high because of that, and then I was just a tad disappointed when we actually got it and wondered why no one had ever mentioned this or that.

It's been a while now, and I am glad we got it and it has been alot of fun. I do recommend the mac, but I just don't go over the top with praise making it seem like its going to change your life (LOL - some people really do say that)!

Oh and by the way - congrats on 18 weeks!

Ronni said...

Sorry, one more thing. Downloading and organizing pictures with iPhoto is by far the best thing about my iMac. I had problems when I tried to find the files to attach to emails and such at first, but that was just a learning curve I had to get through and now I hate managing my pictures on the PC - its so much better on the iMac. OK, that's all - good luck deciding!

Jodi said...

Alyson, I love your updates!!! And love hearing the bonding that y'all are already experiencing! Sooo beautiful!!

We have and iMac and a MacBook - I am sooo computer illiterate, but Mac makes it easy! :)

AROSS said...

Hey Alyson! Josh and I each have a MacBook Pro because we love them so much!! We will probably never buy anything but Apple from here on out. Blogging is easy and you will love iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band (custom ringtones), iCal, etc. Using a Mac is a little different than a PC but once you start playing around with it I don't think you will ever want anything else. We purchased Word, Excel and PowerPoint because I use it so often with work. Everything I have come across so far is compatible with the Macs as long as I save it correctly. Before we purchased ours, we went and explored them at the Apple Store. They just opened one up in Stonebriar and everyone is very helpful in there. :) Let me know if I can help you or answer any questions. You will LOVE the MacBook Pro as much as you do your iPhone!

Marie W said...

Cute belly pics! Continually keeping you all in prayer. I have a MacBook and a Dell. The MacBook took some getting used to, but now I actually prefer it. There are so many more features, and if you are a Windows gal, then you can buy the windows software for Macs and install it. I still use the Dell but the MacBook is so much easier to use and has a lot more pre-installed features (iphoto, garage band, ical, and so on). Good luck!

Sherry said...

I've been PRO Mac since 1988, when I got my first one. I've used a PC but they're not nearly so friendly. The concept of "desktop" makes the difference. Blogging on a mac is so easy. I use "Safari" but there are quite a few other browsers to choose from. Enjoy!

Lianna Knight said...

GREAT news :) You look adorable! I can't believe how fast your little belly is growing...what a blessing!