June 3, 2010

16 Weeks!!

I am officially at 16 weeks! Praise Jesus!!!

Today I had my OB appointment and was lucky to get another ultrasound! So another wonderful peek in at our boys and some cute pictures! I have my first appointment with my maternal fetal medicine doctor next week, and I'm really looking forward to the detailed ultrasound we will get there. And hopefully, many more wonderful pictures of our boys!

Today, Baby A's heartbeat was 143 and Baby B's was 154. We think A is the lowest down, so we're thinking he's Jack, and Baby B is Will. Will was, again, wiggle worm, but Jack was moving around quite a bit as well!! They both look so good, and they both even gave us a high 5 on the screen! We didn't get a picture of that, but it sure was cute! =) I'm measuring at 21 weeks--5 weeks ahead--which is typical for twins. My placenta is anterior (in the front) so even though I've been feeling some movements, I've yet to feel any real kicks. She said that is normal with the placenta in the front, cushioning their blows, but not to worry, because I WILL definitely be feeling their kicks soon!

As I get closer to the time frame where things started going downhill (without us knowing it) with Jonathan, I have honestly gotten more and more nervous. I worry over every little pain, ache, symptom, etc. I try to give it to God, be patient, trust that their okay, but I know the next 8 weeks or so (when we hit the 24 week mark) are going to be full of anxiety for me. I'm pretty much the same size as I was when we lost Jonathan, so I just don't know what is normal to feel, especially with twins! I definitely don't want to be like this, and I'm so happy to have so many ultrasounds. Seeing them moving, kicking, their hearts beating is an instant relief to me! My blood pressure even dropped significantly by the end of the appointment after I knew that they are still okay! So please continue sending up prayers our babies, for me, and for Justin too. We are just both on edge, wanting this pregnancy to continue on to full term and not to have any complications! We just want our little boys to be here in our arms!! Thanks for your prayers!!

And now for some pictures...

The growing belly!

Baby A (Jack)--chillin with a face/tummy shotJack in motion--can you see his hands up by his face and his legs down lower? So cute!

Baby B (Will)--just a quick peek--he was too busy to hold still!

This one is kind of hard to tell, but she was trying to show us how they were laying. Jack (head on the right) was lying across my belly low with his head on my left side, and Will (head on the left with body going up) was laying on top of his brother with his head on the right side of my body. Okay--I think I just might have confused you more with my description...any ways...it was just fun to get a shot of them together that wasn't just the tops of their heads! =)
So it ended up being a great day getting to see my boys again. Gigi (my mom) was along today and got to enjoy seeing her grandsons again! Thanks for all your continued prayers!


Natali said...

Each of your posts bring me such joy and happiness for you guys! God has given you these miracle babies and I am POSITIVE he does not want you to worry but to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. Continually praying for health and happiness for all of you!

Joy said...

Yay!!!! We are just so excited! Ryley and I were at Walmart today, and she kept pointing out things she wanted to buy for "Aly's babies"! I don't why she doesn't include Justin in there, but whatever! :-) We love you and pray for you constantly!!! I can hardly wait to meet my nephews in the fall!

Jodi said...

I just love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your little guys with us! SOOO sweet!
Praying for all four of you daily!

Marie W said...

So handsome already! :-). Praying that God grants you peace and calms your fears. Yay for 16 weeks! {hugs}

Lianna Knight said...

So precious!! I love seeing these sweet babies and seeing how happy you are.

Praise the LORD!

Lindsay said...

I loved reading your post! The boys look so cute in their picture together! Just keep having faith and enjoy this miracle pregnancy. I can't believe you're already 16 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Your belly is SO cute too! My cousin just had her twins at 32 weeks and they're doing great! Twins are so amazing. God is so good!

Audra said...

They are darling! I can understand about the worry with all the little pains and strange feelings. I still worry with my sixth! Lots of your feelings will be your stomach muscles stretching more than you thought was physically possible. I will be praying for comfort and peace from worry. Love you!