May 4, 2010

Update on the twins!!

I had my second OB appointment today, and I did get another sonogram!! The babies are doing SO well!!  Growing right on track with where I am in the pregnancy, and they both have strong heartbeats.  This is a super quick post, because my laptop is going to die any second.  I’ll be back later with more details, and, if I can make it work right, a cute video of our babies, including our little wiggle-worm, Baby B!!

(I’m trying out blogging through Windows Live Writer, so I’m hoping this works right and you can click on the pictures to make them big enough to see!  If not, I’ll fix it later!!)

Happy Tuesday!

11w5d Baby A straight onBaby A—Straight on shot11w5d Baby B straight on Baby B—Straight on shot11w5d Baby A close profile Baby A—Close up profile11w5d Baby A profile  Baby A—whole body profile11w5d Baby B close profile Baby B—close up profile11w5d Baby B profile Baby B—whole body profile


Chris and Jill said...


We just had our ultrasound today to determine the gender of our little miracle baby and we are having a boy!

Jodi said...

They are beautiful!!! I'm so excited for y'all!

Cristina said...

What a bunch of cutie pies!!! =)

Brian and Dara said...

They are just too precious! Your sonographer got some great shots of your little ones! Love you!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome video of your 2 little miracles! Love to you both, Kay (Prayers continue)