May 4, 2010

Sonogram Video!

Here is the video of the sonogram… Just to warn you, it is 7 minutes long, so feel free to watch only part if you want! About 2/3 of the way through are some cute movements by our wiggle worm, but I think it’s all super cute!! I’ve already watched it 4 times!!! =)

The babies were just so precious today. Honestly, I was nervous going into today. I guess after all that we’ve gone through, it’s normal, but it was still the best thing in the world to see and hear their heartbeats (162 and 167), and just to know they are still in there, alive and kicking…literally!!

I should have my next sonogram at 16 weeks, and if they’re cooperating, we should find out if they are boys or girls!! We can hardly wait!!!!

(Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom of the blog first!)


Becky W. said...

Hey Aly,
Its been awhile and I've read your blog and what has been happening in your and Justin's life. Sounds like a lot of ups and downs. I'm so happy you guys are expecting again. I pray for all the best for you and your babies. Its such a life changing time. I've got to tell you that I was reading your blog and when I found out you were pregnant I was like "that's so awesome, how exciting to be pregnant." I've been through it twice and it is quite an experience. I didn't think we'd be going through it again however because our oldest, Jack, was diagnosed with a mild form of Autism. You work so hard to carry them in your belly and take care of them and you think once they're here everything will be fine. Well, life isn't always so gracious, but kids are so worth. Anyway, I was pretty certain we were done because we have a boy and a girl and I didn't want to chance another child potentially having Autism (selfish Mommy thinking). Well, little did I know, God has other plans and SURPRISINGLY few days after I read your blog we found out we were expecting again. Well, here we go again, let the good times roll. God must be at work. Anyway, I think you and I are due on the same day, November 18th? I know twins usually come a little sooner, but I thought it was cool how God works. I hope this pregnancy for you is amazing and complication free and those little babies are strong when they come. You guys deserve it. I'll be praying for you, and know someone else is going through it with you too, but just with one baby :).- Becky Westdorp

AROSS said...

Your babies are beautiful! I am so glad everything went so well and is looking great for you guys. Can't wait to hear more updates!

Cristina said...

Hey friend! I was so excited to see the video!
A few minutes in, I thought, 'Definitely girls!' and then I saw something and thought, 'Maybe boys....'.
So I'm on the fence again. =)

Anxiously awaiting the next sono....

Audra said...

Two human beings are growing inside of you!!! Amazing! I want to see the video in a few months of your belly with them kicking around inside you! How are we all going to wait 16 weeks to find out if you need pink or blue? Torture! Love you!

ericksons said...

so exciting! what a good idea to bring a video camera! overjoyed for you guys

Brian and Dara said...

SO AMAZING!! Totally watched the whole video :-)

Brianna watched it with me and kept saying "he" "him" so maybe she knows something we don't?!?! I'm still sticking with girls!

Joy said...

Dear Aunt Aly,
My mommy and I watched the video! I hope they're girls! I can't believe the baby jumped! And the baby did flips too?