May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend...


That's pretty much all I have to say about how relaxing our weekend was! We lounged by the pool, rested, slept in, rested some more, read, and grilled. SO. NICE.

I do love long weekends with my hubby. I don't know how one extra day off with him seems like a whole vacation, but we just love it! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting us stay at the "Hall Resort" while you were gone! It was the best!


I'm off to my last day or two of work in the morning. Can't believe I'm finally done working. I'm sure that sounds weird, but it has been a long time coming. Three years ago I quit full-time teaching with the plan of getting pregnant and becoming a mommy soon. That didn't happen the first year, so I went back to work. The next year I was pregant, and I was sure I was done. Then we lost Jonathan, and reluctantly, but necessary for my sanity, I went back to work. Two years later, and I'm finally at the point of being "done" again. I'm just so very excited about this, and I appreciate your continued prayers that this coming fall, I will be staying home. Getting ready for my baby boys to make their appearance. No pregnant mom should have to have the thought, "I hope I get to keep this baby." It just isn't normal...but after 4 miscarriages and a stillborn baby, that thought is quite frequent in my mind. BUT...I'm trusting God that His plan for my life is perfect! I can hardly wait to meet my boys, hold them in my arms, hear them screaming in the middle of the night...I am believing every day, even through the hard thoughts, for this to be my reality!


In response to the Jack and Will sounds like "Jack and Jill" comment...yes, I've thought of this. No it doesn't bother me. We can say Will and Jack. We can say Jack and Will. My thought is that just about any name can get associated with something that might remind you of something. Twin names are hard to pick out because they have to go together. Our boys will be themselves, and the names Jackson and William are special to we like how the nicknames still sound like strong names. So if people bug them, they'll have each other to stand strong with. I have a feeling, however, that our boys will be strong, tall, confident boys like their daddy, with such a sweet personality that no one will want to make fun of them! So that's what I think about that! =)


FYI...there are two more blogs below this one. More to come, but my computer still isn't back! Argh. Oh well...soon! And here is my 15 week picture as well. Can't believe this Thursday will be 16 weeks--it is really flying by!!


Cristina said...

So glad you are back - takes the pressure off of me!! LOL

I'm sorry about that anonymous commenter... (is that how you spell commenter?). Anyway, some people are jerks or weird, whatever! One of Bonham's uncles said that Jayna's name sounded like an 'african american' name.... it stayed with me for awhile. I'm over it now... I figured that it was about time, since she is 4 years old!

Love you friend and I love those babies!!! =)

erickson family said...

thanks so much for having us on sunday. we had such a good time. love you guys! awesome about the photo shoot. that is really cool. happy last day of work today! can't wait to play all summer with yoU!

Janet said...

Following your journey with much interest and am so confident that all will go well! Sending special wishes from a NOT so Sunny South Africa - someone left our fridge door open!!

Riley Kai said...

I for one, LOVE LOVE your name choices! I'm not just saying that to be nice! I think they are wonderful strong names! (and your so right in thinking of them as men with their names, so many people do not do that and it's a mistake!) Your bump is adorable too! We continue to pray for these sweet boys daily...that they continue to grow strong and healthy!!!

Kristen said...

Hi!! Look at that growing belly! I can't wait to see you and your belly in a few weeks! Love you!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Love that growing belly! And I LOVE YOU!

lulu's mom said...

First of all I don't know if u remember me Annette Roton, but I worked with Justin in the lending dept at Credit Union of Texas. Love the page u have came up with to update us on u and the boys. I was reading ur updates and kind of got teary eyed because it was very sweet and touching. I have my daughter at 28 wks and she was 2lb. 12oz. and 16 in long. I had alot of problems and she stayed in the hospital for 8 wks but now she is 15 yrs old and doing OK. She is behind in school and very small (she looks like she is 10 yrs old and has a mind of a 10 yr old and is about 80 pounds) but other than that she is OK. Justin is on my page so go and check out her pictures. I wish the both of yall the best and please keep us updated on the boys.

Annette :*)