May 14, 2010

13 week picture

My laptop is in the shop, so I'm doing a quick post from my phone! Here is my 13 week picture...I'm getting bigger by the day! I know that a few months down the road I'll look back and think I'm tiny, but right now, I'm feeling pretty pregnant! If I had my laptop, I'd show you my 18 week pic when I was pregnant with Jonathan...the bellies are pretty similar! :-)

We also have an official date set for our ultrasound...June 9th!! So in 27 short days, if the babies cooperate, we should know what they are!!! We are so excited, and it is going to be really special because all of our parents are going to come with us to the ultrasound! How neat is that??! This is also the first appointment with our high risk doctor, and I'm really happy that we are going to be so closely monitored for the rest of the pregnancy! I don't know yet how much bedrest I'll have to be on, or even if I will have any at all, but I'm out of school in just 3 weeks, so it will be very easy for me to take it easy!!

Hope you have a fun, relaxing weekend planned!!


carolinagirl said...

I'm sooooo excited for you! I love seeing the weekly pictures. That's neat that both of your parents are going to be there too. What a special memory to have all together!

Anonymous said...

You look AMAZING! How cute is that belly! You are glowing and I'm thrilled! Have a great weekend!

Cristina said...

So cute!!
I can't wait to know... the good thing is that really only 1 of them has to cooperate!!! =)

Lianna Knight said...

You look absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!

Audra said...

Look at you! I didn't look like that until 20 weeks. Of course, I'm only doing one at a time. :) I can't stop smiling just thinking about you everyday!!!

Marie W said...

You are too cute. Love the bump. I can't wait to find out the gender. I am believing with you that bedrest will no be necessary, but knowing you, you will be taking it easy - one of the perks of being a teacher and doing what we love. Praying for you all continually.

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous! Can't wait to hear what sex the babies are :)


Tena said...

Yeah! Looking forward to watching the progression of these precious babies - and of your growing belly! Praying for you all,