April 18, 2010

Weekend wrap-up

What a wonderful weekend we had!! It started out bright and early Saturday morning down in Dallas at the March for Babies! There had to be about 10,000 people there, all walking for an amazing cause--working to prevent premature births! Here is Team Jonathan...Left to right...my dad Steve, Justin's mom Kathy, her friend Shari, my mom Joyce, me, Justin, Justin's dad Gene, and Shari's husband Mark.Justin and I felt so privileged to have all these family and friends with us, in honor of our sweet boy! (Please excuse the nasty hair I was sporting--it was early, misty rainy at first, and a little humid...a terrible comination!!)

Here are the amazing 5 mile walkers/runners. Justin ran half of the route with some good friends of ours who were also there, and Kathy, Shari, and Mark did an amazing job walking 5 long miles!! My parents, Gene, and I were the support part of the team...the cheerleaders! We are all looking forward to walking next year, though, pushing a double stroller with Jonathan's little brothers or sisters!!Here is our team shirt...with Jonathan's footprints and birthday on the front... and March for Babies on the back. Gene, Kathy, Shari, and Mark are actually continuing on Team Jonathan in the Tulsa March for Babies next week! I love it!! Thanks, guys!!

Here are my parents--we found a good spot under a tent while they were walking.Here is Katie--her husband Harry is Justin's triathlon buddy, and somehow, in all those people, the three of them found each other and ran the last half together! Amazing!

I have never been involved in such an amazing gather of people--all for one cause. There were so many people their...families, couples, workers from many sponsoring companies...I have no idea how much money was raised in total for this amazing cause, but I'm sure it had to be a lot! How wonderful!! Thank you again to those of you who donated! We raised $500, and Justin's company matches...so we contributed a total of $1000.00 to the March of Dimes!! Thank you everyone!


We also celebrated Kathy's birthday this weekend! Her birthday is actually Monday, but we were able to celebrate with her a day early since she was here! We had fun going out to eat at our favorite hibachi restaurant, Shogun.

Happy Birthday, Kathy! I'm so thankful that you are in my life! You're an amazing woman, and I thank you (and Gene) for doing such a great job raising my wonderful husband to be the man he is, for me! Hope this year is a wonderful one for you!


2Erica2 said...

I have to tell you that I have been following your story for a while and was actually put on bedrest at 20 weeks and am now 24. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I feel like after reading your post today that I feel called to be more active for this cause when I get out and have my baby in my arms. This has been my miracle baby because we had gone through IVF with our daughter who was born 7-30-09 and this one began to bless our lives in November (due Aug 5, God Willing). Thank you for sharing your story!

Marie W said...

Is that a bump I am seeing? :-). You all look great. I can't wait to walk for our March for Babies!

Aly said...

Hey, I think I see a baby bump!! :D

Love the shirts!

I used to make calls to people for the March of Dimes. Was a couple years ago.

My brother in law and his wife are expecting their second child, which is their miracle baby. They have 3 Angel Babies due to an incompetent cervix. Their daughter is now 4. They were told there would be no more babies after her, but amazingly they are now expecting a little boy in July.

I hope you are getting plenty of rest! :D

Congratulations, again!!!

p.s. I am thinking twin girls..... :D

Audra said...

Look at your belly!!!! Yeah! That's so good to see. Love you sweet friend. Congratulations on raising so much money for children!