April 6, 2010

First OB appointment!

Yesterday was supposed to be my first official OB appointment of my pregnancy, but my doctor had an emergency and had to quickly get to the hospital for a baby being born. So, my mom and I headed back to the office today and had a wonderful appointment! I just love my doctor. Even though she was technically squeezing us in today, she gave us her complete attention and all the time we wanted to ask every single one of our questions! She spent probably a little over half an hour just talking with us and then the initial exam on top of that! To me, that is what makes a great doctor...when they really listen, and never give you the feeling that they are needing to rush off to the next patient!

Everything looks good so far. I have a sonogram scheduled at her office next week, and I'm really looking forward to it. At that appointment, we are hoping to see that each baby is in its own amniotic sac. Since they are identical, we know they will share a placenta, but having their own amniotic sac makes the pregnancy MUCH less risky for the babies. In less than a week, I have just begun to realize of much a clue I DON't have about identical twins. I'd thought about twins, dreamed about twins, looked at pictures of sonograms of twins, but didn't really know anything about identical twins. Oh, I read the Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley High books when I was young, and even had a set of identical friends in swim class one summer, but the more I google identical twins, the more interesting info I find out. So exciting!!

When I posted last Thursday that they were in the same sac, I've learned that I (and the sonographer) were referring to the gestational sac, not the amniotic sac. On the first sonogram, she didn't see what they call the membrane separating the babies, but said it just could be her machine or that it was too early. After researching monoamniotic twins (sharing an amniotic sack), it is definitely not what we want to hear next week. There are just a lot of dangers with those kinds of identical twins--cord entanglement and cord compression are two big risks. Cord compression after my water broke was what killed Jonathan, so obviously these are not things we want to relive.

But...even with all these facts, details, possible scary outcomes for these babies, I am trusting my God. He has given us such amazing miracles in these precious little babies. He has and is continuing to answer so many of our deepest prayers, and is revealing to us piece by piece the masterpiece that is His plan for our lives. I choose to trust God right now, instead of worry over what could or could not be on the sonogram next week. I'd rather spend this next week, the eighth of my little babies' lives, enjoying them, praising God for them, watching my belly as it (already!) starts to grow. I would appreciate your prayers for my babies--that they would both have their own little cocoon--their own amniotic sac. I figure if I can ask for prayer from my warriors for lining, for follicles, for pregnancy hormones numbers, I can sure as anything ask for prayers for amniotic sacs! Thank you for your continued prayers for us, for our babies, and for these next 7 months or so as they grow!!

I will definitely keep you posted, and have some great new pictures to show off next week! =)


Cristina said...

Hey friend! I called earlier to ask about this exact topic! You must have been reading my thoughts! LOL =)

I am so glad that you have such a great doctor! And I am eager to hear about the next sono and see pictures of those miracles!!!

Tell my 'tall friend' to let me know how things went with that lead I sent him....

Talk to you soon!

Kristy said...

Praying for 2 healthy sacs and 2 healthy babies!! :)

Jodi Sue said...

Praying with you!!! So glad to hear you have such a wonderful, caring Dr.!

Riley Kai said...

So glad to hear your miracles are doing good! We will definitely continue to pray (and thanks for giving us things to specifically pray about!) OOne suggestion from a mother who has gone through a high risk pregnancy...stay off the internet,lol! Researching the "what-if's" can leave you worried and stressed! It's hard, I know!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear you have a great doctor who will listen and answer all your questions.That is such a blessing!!
Remember just because they don't see a membrane next week does not mean it is not there. I have been in your shoes and they did not see a membrane until 16 weeks!
I have to say I disagree with the comment that says to stay off the internet - if it stresses you out to have all the information possible - then stay off - but information is power. If your doctor does not see a membrane next week - ask for another ultrasound between 10-12 weeks, for some reason that is the best time to see a membrane, if it is there. GOOD for you for enjoying your babies and not giving into all the what "ifs"..true monoamniotic twins are very, very rare - I am praying you see a membrane next week - but remember just because you don't doesn't mean it is not there!
God Bless you,

Karen in CA

carolinagirl said...

Praising God for a good doctor's appointment. I will pray specifically for the sacs and that they can be seen to help keep your thoughts clear.

Candie said...

Still reading and praying. So many here at school have been overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotion at hearing your news. Everyone is so happy for you and your husband. Keep writing. We love it. My sister in law is preggo with twins so I'm learning more from you on all the details!

Aly said...

Hi, I've been reading and following along since...oh I guess since February. My heart leaped for you as I went back through your blog and read about your beautiful son. Such a strong woman you are, and yours and your husband's faith in God is so amazing!
I had wanted to contact you several weeks ago - before your FET, before when you were worrying about the lining and scared that they wouldn't continue with this cycle - and the things I had prepared to say to you - God wouldn't allow the message to go through. No kidding, I had hit send, and it just refused to send my email to you. And then I felt strongly that God was telling me to wait, be patient, and pray.
So I have been. Praying with all my heart, and after your FET, I started praying for you to have twins.
I know April 1 must have felt like forever away for you, but I was waiting for April 1 with great anticipation, and I prayed for twins. When I logged on to check your post that day, I prayed for twins.
When I read that you are indeed carrying twins, I cried. Tears of Joy.
I have five children of my own, the Lord has blessed my husband and I with a beautiful daughter and a quiver full of sons. Our quiver is full, to overflowing. My prayer is that your quiver may be filled also, and that your sons or daughters will grow in the way of God's design.
Your Friend in Ohio,

Anonymous said...

great post thanks