March 31, 2010

Urgent prayer request...

I am so blessed to have so many prayer warriors lifting us up in our journey through this life, and now through our pregnancy. Today, I would love it if you would be a warrior for my good friend.

My sweet friend Amy (from my last blog post) is having a really hard time right now...Just today they found out their sweet puppy Cooper seems to have a fatal sickness. Some of you might not be dog lovers, or understand why this news just breaks my heart so much, but please, for me, would you lift my friend up? She and Dusty have been going through the impossibly hard journey of infertility for a long time, and like my own Betsy, their dogs are their 'furry' children. These dogs have been the love that we've needed, the comfort at our hardest points, and the unconditional love that have helped to fill the holes in our hearts. Amy and Dusty with Tucker and Cooper (R)

So to lose your 'child' while your so desperate for God to grant you a child just doesn't make any sense at all. Please pray with me for a miracle for Cooper, that they'd find a way to help her get well at their appointment tomorrow, and that God would just wrap His arms around Amy and Dusty as go they go through the next few days. I know God is a miracle working God! Thank you!!

And just to remind you (some of you are amaze me and seem to remember these details better than I do!) tomorrow is our sonogram!! Justin and I can hardly wait to get to the doctor tomorrow and see the flickering heartbeat on that screen. I just don't care how many there are in there, but I'm just praying for that strong heartbeat. I know so many people get to this point, only to find out that something was wrong with the baby. I have really felt satan trying to put fear into my mind, but I'm trusting God that He has a wonderful plan for us! And that it is just going to get better tomorrow!! Our baby is going to be healthy! I look forward to sharing our amazing news tomorrow!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers--for us and for our dear friends!


Sarah said...

Hey Alyson, I'm Sarah. I went to Jr. High with Justin and Joy. I have been following your blog and hoping and praying for the best for the two of you and the babies that you will have. I have already prayed for Cooper. I can't have kids either, but I'm not married so it's not that big of a deal to me anymore. But I DO have three dogs that are my heart and soul. They are my all. So from one dog parent to another via yet another, heartfelt prayers are going up for Cooper.

Candie said...

Cannon has a sister, Elsie, and she's furry and white. I completely understand Amy's heavy heart. I can't wait to see how many heartbeats there are - cuz I KNOW they'll be strong ones!

Lianna Knight said...

Prayers Prayers Prayers :)