March 6, 2010

So many new friends!!

I am absolutely blown away by all of my lurkers new friends that have commented to say hello! Thank you all so much for introducing yourself! I can't tell you how happy I am that you said hi! If there are any more of you, I hope to get to know you too! I've had so much fun checking out your blogs (if you have a link to one) and seeing your beautiful families, your interesting lives, and seeing the amazing women you are!

I just had to share this PRECIOUS picture from my friend Brenda and her daughter Lilly up in Alaska. She is actually a friend of one of my friends here in Texas, and I so hope that I get to meet them in person someday! Brenda--you have been one of the most encouraging people to me these last few years, and this adorable message from Lilly was the icing on the cake! Thank you so much!!
I'm chanting this along with you, sweet Lilly!!


Anonymous said...

We were happy to do it and hope all continues to go well! Hugs and love coming your way!

Ashley said...

I'm a lurker :) I found your blog off of Kelly's prayer blog right after I lost my son at 22 weeks pregnant. My lose was due to a placenta Previa... I was desparte to find people traveling this journey with me! So I've been a lurker for a year! I'm praying for you and hope this time is it! my blog is

Kristy said...

I am a follower/lurker too... I've commented before a long time ago, but I read every post! :)
I am praying that everything goes perfectly and those little babies are growing!

Audra said...

That is darling! How fun to hear from everyone who has been reading your blog all this time! Love you!

Cristina said...

Hey friend.... Hope you are still resting! I hope to talk to you soon! Sending good pregnancy vibes your way.... =)