March 8, 2010

The many faces of Betsy...

On bedrest!
The most awake she has been all week--she wanted some of my popcorn!

But was soon fast asleep again!

Can you say content??

No matter where I am, she is right there with me, loving every single second of our bedrest!!
So far, all is going so well! I feel great, no spotting, and I'm praying that those little embabies are burrowed in nicely and growing strong!


Shannon Delcambre said...

boy, to be Betsy for a day! She's got it good! Glad you have a cuddle companion during your down time. Big yea for no spotting. Rest up and grow little babies!

Amy said...

So happy everything is still going well. Betsy looks a little bored. Would she like to come and tutor some kids? :)

Stephanie said...

Your in my thoughts and prayers everyday!! I hope the precious embabies are snugglying in nicely too!!

Audra said...

Praise God for your good report! How encouraging!!! I'm glad you have such a faithful bedrest companion. :)

Candie said...

Precious. I love her. Ms. Elsie is snuggling by me as well!

carolinagirl said...

Still praying for you and Justin--so many times people forget to pray for the husbands. Betsy is adorable in all the pictures. When you post pictures of Betsy, my husband has to come look at your blog and tells Cooper, our cocker, "here's your girlfriend, Cooper". Betsy is precious!!!

Joy said...

Dear Betsy and Aunt Aly,

Betsy is lazy and really silly! She's lazier than Juliet. Juliet likes to run and bite and play. I hope Juliet's like Betsy someday!

With love,
Ryley and Juliet

P.s. Would Betsy like to be penpals with Juliet?