March 18, 2010

5 Weeks!

First off, let me just say how thankful I am to those who have donated to Justin's March for Babies walk. It makes me so proud to know that we have friends and family who are so generous in giving to this wonderful organization! Plus, we just found out that Justin's company will match any donations that we collect! How amazing is that??!


Today, I am 5 weeks pregnant!!! For most people, that is still super early, and it is for us too. But it is so exciting to me, because 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies that ended in miscarriage were already over by this point. So for us, every continued day is a huge milestone!! I told Justin the other day that I didn't want to just endure this pregnancy, counting the days until we passed the bad times we've experienced before, but instead, to enjoy and be thankful for each and every day this baby is growing inside of me! As we know too well, it can all be over in an instant, and I don't want to miss out on any chance to enjoy every moment!! God is so good, and has given us this opportunity to be parents again. We are so thankful, happy, and grateful that He is answering our prayers!! Like my sister-in-law Joy said, in her blog post here, God's redemption is happening in our lives, and we praise Him for it!!

I continue to feel really well, a few times of queasiness here and there, and it is all worth it because it means I'm pregnant!! My hips are VERY sore from the progesterone shots Justin gives me every morning, and my poor tummy is black and blue from the blood thinner shots, but I don't care! It is so worth it!!! I will take every pain, ache, bit of nausea that comes from this pregnancy if it means that we get to finally be parents of a child or children here on Earth!!

I look forward to updating more details about this pregnancy for the next 9 months...including the answer to our "how many are in there?" question in just 2 weeks!! I can hardly wait for that sonogram!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for us!!


A quick update on my sweet Gram...

She is still fighting to heal and recover. Over the last few weeks, it has continued to be a rollercoaster in her healing process. She had finally gotten strong enough a week and a half ago do be discharged from the hospital to a rehab facility, but after only 3 days there, she was rushed back to the hospital in grave condition, hardly able to breathe. We really thought we were going to lose her, but fighter that she is, she has seemed to pull through again this week. She ended up getting double pneumonia from aspirated food in her lungs, and that has been a battle, among many others, this week. My sweet mommy is still out there, caring for and loving on her mommy, mostly doing the overnight shifts at the hospital. My two aunts are also there, doing their shifts with Gram, and I know they are all appreciating the special times that they have been able to have with their mom. Please continue to pray for all of them, and that God would continue to touch my Grandma. I know that she longs to be in heaven with her Jesus, but she is definitely a strong woman and a fighter, and will continue to fight and bless others for as long as God allows her to!


Marie W said...

Your SIL's post made me cry :-). God really is a God of redemption and he DOES restore all that was taken from us. You have no idea how excited I am for your pregnancy - it reminds me that God still remembers us and in time, he will fulfill the desires of our heart. Not in our time, but his time. Thanks for blessing me with your journey. I have experienced the ups and the downs with you (and you the same with me), and I am grateful to walk the next journey with you - the one that will increase your family.
Praising God for his blessings, promises fulfilled and expected ends. Rejoicing with you, Justin and Jonathan (because he is never far) the little one (maybe 2!) nestled close to your heart.

Stephanie said...

My heart, my love and prayers are with you each and everyday!! Hugs of bundles sent to you over and over!!

Audra said...

Yeah for nausea!!! Crackers always help me. How long do you have to get the progesterone shots? I;m still praying for your Gram and was wondering how she was. Thanks for the update. Love you!

Taryn said...

Oh my goodness! Please forgive me!!! I am THRILLED for you!!!!!! Wow! This gives me hope and I am over the moon excited for you and Justin! Praise the Lord! I have been so wrapped up in my own infertility stuff and I so apologize for not keeping up with you the past few days. This story brings tears to my eyes and truly warms my heart. I will KEEP praying that God will continue to bless this pregnancy. And I will pray that whatever the number of little ones growing in your belly, that they are healthy and that they KEEP GROWING strong! God is so good. I promise to keep up with you. I pray so often. Maybe we might be on His list of miracles next. Oh how I hope so. Your wonderful news is redemption indeed. I'm sending you virtual hugs and praising Him for His answer to prayer.

Jodi Sue said...

You always have the best attitude! You are Truly Blessed and your t-shirt is ordered! I can't wait to "have" to deliver it to you!

Fary Tale ☮ said...

I love your blog,