February 20, 2010


Okay, so I'm officially a blogging nerd! =) My friend Michelle shared with me some tips on how she changed the font on her blog (thanks Michelle!!), and since then, I've been going crazy tweaking things on my blog! I've spend most of the day today adding fun little things to my blog!! I hope you like my new look and little details! My computer screen is a widescreen, so I can see the side of my 3-column layout. I know some computers don't show all the way to the edges, and it frustrates me! When I'm at work, I can't see my background, so I had to do a few things to 'cuten-up' what is seen on a regular size screen!

There are SO many blogs that do adorable personalized layouts, and I just drool over them. But I'm too cheap to have one done! Maybe that isn't true...maybe I just like to work on my own blog too much, and want to believe that I can teach myself to do those things to my own blog! So I guess my blog will continually be a work in progress! I think I like it a lot right now--the colors, the font, the signature, the header...but that isn't to say I won't keep working on it, and adjusting it for the season as well!

I'm going to try to add more links to blogs that help with this kind of blog editing along the sidebar as I find good ones. If you have any great ones that you've come across, please share!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!


Riley Kai said...

I LOVE what you have done! I feel the same way about buying layouts. They cost too much for how often I like to change it! You've inspired me to work on mine. I may be hitting you uo for some tips!

Lianna Knight said...

LOVE the new look! You are so talented!! I wish I could do my own too :)