February 11, 2010

Snow...Flowers...Ice Cream!!!

What a great day today was!! I woke up this morning to snow already covering the ground! I feel like the little kid in me kicks in! I was seriously so excited!! It wasn't cold enough to freeze on the ground yet, so school wasn't cancelled. =( But it was a gorgeous day, and the snow continued to fall ALL DAY long!!! It was the prettiest snow that I've seen here in Texas in the 7 years I've lived here!! It is still going, and is supposed to go until around 2!! Amazing!

Here are some pics of the snow building up around my house...

Then in the afternoon, these beautiful flowers arrived from my daddy...who was my very first valentine! Aren't they gorgeous?!
Right at the end of the day, they announced that school was cancelled for Friday, so I have 3 day weekend ahead! We are heading up to Tulsa Friday night, so I'm glad to have the day off to get ready!
Then I came home, and decided it was definitely a day for snow ice cream!! So I whipped some up--there was so much clean (very important!) snow outside--it was delicious!

Betsy really wanted some too!


Just got a call from my mom, and my gram is back in the ICU with some further complications. We're not sure exactly what the problems are, but I'm just praying that the doctors can figure it all out and give her the right treatments.


Kristen said...

How do you make snow ice cream? I will make some here, with our 4 feet of snow, and eat it for the next year!!

AROSS said...

The snow ice cream looks so delicious! I would love to hear how you make it.

Audra said...

Yeah for snow! We have had an unusual amount of snow up here. Snow ice cream is so fun! I'll be praying for Gram and your mom as she helps her. Be safe on your trip. Love you!