February 22, 2010

The Plan...

I still can't believe we are actually going to do the Frozen Embryo Transfer next Tuesday!!!!! Like I said in my earlier post, I was expecting my doctor to call me back and tell me the cycle was over, but he didn't!! I trust my doctor, and know that he wouldn't take us into this cycle using our precious embryos if he didn't think there was a good chance for this to work!

So here our my plan for the next week...

Today I trigger ovulation of the follicles that have been growing. Tomorrow I begin estrogen pills (again) along with progesterone shots. These are the big, intramuscular shots that Justin has to do for me. They make my hips sore, but like everything else, it is so worth it!!

We are adding in Lovanox, a blood thinner, with this cycle as well, and I start that shot on Sunday. Both Lovanox and the blood thinner would last throughout the first trimester of a pregnancy. Monday we will go in for another sonogram just to make sure the lining is still thick enough before they thaw the embryos that night. Then Tuesday is the big day---transfer our precious 'snowflake' babies!!

I'm just so happy, excited, and thankful that we are at this point. This morning was SO hard...thinking that the lining hadn't grown enough to continue on. It was just so hard to continue to get bad news, and to think about having to wait months to be able to try again. I'm so very thankful that all that didn't have to be. I know that we are not guaranteed a pregnancy with this cycle either, but at least we are able to try. I'm praying, though, that THIS cycle would bring our child!!! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers this next week!!


Right now my grandma is holding steady. This weekend, again, was one of ups and downs for her. My mom has been there right by her side, and I know we are all at peace if now is when God has planned to take her home. But we would love to have more time with her!! She is just such an amazing woman of God...in the minute or so that I spoke with her last night, she encouraged me to have hope and trust God. My grandma is truly an angel here on earth.

She is still in the ICU and getting amazing care. They were checking to see a little while ago if there was fluid on her chest wall that they needed to drain so she could breathe easier. The cardiologist said that her heart is looking great and functioning well after her surgery last week. So this is all great news, and we are jsut praying that God would continue to strengthen her body and give her the energy to heal!

What a good day today turned out to be! =)


Lianna Knight said...

Great news!!! Praying for you, your lining, and your grandma :)

Heather Davis said...

So exciting! Can't wait to hear more next week! Praying for your whole family. Tell Justin and Betsy hello for us.

the ericksons said...

oh wow! can't wait for the update. we are hear for you with whatever the result! ;) i think it sure is cute how your refer to them as little snowflakes. :)

Anonymous said...

I continue to pray that all goes well for you and your grandma. Have a good week!!!

Shannon Delcambre said...

Praise Praise Praise! So grateful for great reports. Cant wait to hear the progress. Praying for you guys and your entire family.