February 3, 2010

Plan C? Plan D?

Okay--so today's appointment was what I expected it to be...another cancelled cycle. Last week, my lining was at a 5.4, and this week (after 3 estrogen pills plus a baby aspirin each day, as well as an new estrogen patch every three days) it grew to a whopping 5.8. Amazing how well my body works, huh?!

So needless to say, this cycle is over. But we have a Plan C...well more like Plan D if you count the one he started to give me today, before he changed his mind. At first, he said that we were just going to force a cycle, then wait (my favorite word!) for my lining to build up naturally. But, my body doesn't seem to do anything naturally, and after pointing out to him that that the lining most likely won't do what he was wanting it to do, he scrapped that idea. He then decided that I could be the fertility office guinea pig (no joke) and gave me Plan D.

So here is the plan...hopefully the cycle that will actually get us to the Frozen Embryo Transfer (which is supposed to be an easy, fast, problem-free cycle/attempt...I'm not sure I believe that!=)

I have PCOS, and my doctor says that it is the reason that my body won't absorb the artificial estrogen. My lining will thicken with my own natural estrogen, which comes from growing follicles/eggs. During all my previous attempts (stimulation cycles, IUIs, and IVF) my lining thickened when I was on Gonal-F, so that is what we are going to do. With my next cycle, I will do five days of shots, go back for a sonogram to see if the lining has thickened, and hopefully proceed! We won't do ovidrel this time (which makes you ovulate), but use the growth of the eggs (that won't get fertilized) to thicken the lining. He wants my lining to reach at least 7mm this time for us to move on. In the past, after using gonal-f, my lining has always continued to thicken for a few days after the last shot, so that is what we are counting on. We will still have an extra sonogram right before the FET just to give us peace of mind before thawing the embryos. And another plus...I still have some leftover gonal-f from my October IVF, so I don't have to buy that much!

As I said earlier, I am the office guinea pig. They haven't ever done a stimulation cycle for an FET. In a way that make me nervous, but I'm excited that it seems that they are thinking outside the box for me. My body definitely doesn't operate along any of the expected norms!

Thanks (again!!!!) for all your prayers, encouragements, comments, texts, emails. I still have hope, and I know it is because of all of the love I've received these past 6 (long) years on this journey!!!

I'll keep you posted!!


Jodi Sue said...

Your Dr. seems incredible! I'm so glad that y'all have such a good relationship!
We will continue to pray for you and Jason and for your future kiddos!
Love you!

the ericksons said...

sounds exciting! i like how your doctor is thinking outside the box. who knows who this could help in the future too! love you!

Chris and Jill said...

Wow, your doctor sounds awesome! You are in my continued prayers!

Riley Kai said...

Always praying for baby Steiner:-)

Janet said...

Will keep you in our prayers. Sending warm wishes from South Africa and looking forward to hearing some good news!

Michelle Harmon said...

Hey Alyson! What a forward thinking doctor you have! I think this is what you described the other night and seems to make perfect sense! Praying for a perfect pregnancy to occur! Love you SO MUCH!

Alena said...

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