February 14, 2010

My Valentine~

My Sweet Justin--

I love you so very much!! I can't believe it has been 9 years ago this week that we first spoke and started getting to know each other. We have been through so many things together in these years, and I feel so blessed to have shared every moment, right by your side. You are the one who I love to spend every moment with, the one I love to giggle with, the one I feel complete with! Thank you for being my wonderful valentine each and every year... I love you forever!!

The night we got engaged...November 3, 2001


On our honeymoon...
Our first apartment...

Who knew my valentine made ice cream?!!

Go Big Red!

Amazing how good Justin looks with a top hat and mustache!!

And many more years of love and fun experiences....

My silly valentine...I wish you all could really experience how crazy he really is!!
And last but not least, I'm thankful that my husband is a strong man of God. Even through the stresses in our lives, during the good and the bad times, my Justin loves the Lord and and trusts Him. What an role model he is to me, and will be to our children in the future.

I love you, Justin!! Happy Valentine's Day!!
(PS...See Babe, isn't a Valentine's blog better than a Valentine's card?! =)


Lianna Knight said...

This was so sweet!! Loved it...you've got a keeper :)

Justin said...

love you babe!

Audra said...

He kind of likes funny hats, doesn't he?