February 28, 2010

Let's go fly a kite!!

What a great weekend this was! We had absolutely GORGEOUS weather here in North Texas, and we had this little precious puppy staying with us!

I don't know that Betsy would quite agree with me that having Molly here made it a good weekend, but the trip that they got to take in the car with us I'm sure made it all worthwhile for her! We just drove around out in the country on Saturday afternoon, just enjoying the sunshine and the mild weather!

After church on Sunday, we headed to the cemetery to put some green St. Patty's day decorations on Jonathan's grave. St. Patrick's Day will always be a special day to us, because that was the day in 2008 that we found out that we were pregnant with Jonathan! A very, very special day!

They we decided that since it was pretty breezy, that we needed to go fly a kite!! So after a quick stop at Target, we ended up at a park north of McKinney and flew this awesome Justice League kite!

One thing that I LOVE about Justin is that he is not afraid to play! He is always coming up with great ideas of fun things we can do!

Here we are flying the kite!

And the best part of our time at the park...when we were just about done, we gave the kite to a family with a little boy we met there who had autism. They were so nice, and couldn't believe we were giving them the kite! They said we, "made their day!" It is so nice to make someone's day!! =)
My dad arrived back tonight from Washington DC (more details about their trip there soon!) and we had a fun evening with him. My mom is on her way back to California and my grandma as I type this. Gram is still holding on, but has definitely had some ups and downs this week. Please continue to pray for her, and for strength for my mom as well.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy, gray day, but I'm super excited for it! We go early in the morning for our final sonogram before the transfer on Tuesday!!! I can't wait!
Hope you had a great weekend, and that this will be a great week for you too!


AROSS said...

Good Luck tomorrow! Looks like you guys had a great time flying the kite. Such fun!

the ericksons said...

you guys are so much fun. :) i'll be praying tomorrow...today. (can't sleep)

Jodi Sue said...

I love the fun y'all have!
Jailyn is dying to fly a kite!
I need to get one to have on hand for these nice days.

Marie W said...

How spontaneous! I'm sorry to say that Larry and I are not that way :-).Praying for your sweet grandma.