January 30, 2010

Proud of my Hubby!!

Justin and I had so much fun this weekend at the Gaylord Texan!!

We got to enjoy a weekend there because Justin earned top national achiever for Chase! That means he was one of the top 100 loan officers in the WHOLE country for Chase! I am so proud of him!! I was lucky that this year's conference was in here in our metroplex, so I could tag along!! I couldn't go to any of the events with him, but it was fun to just be there, explore, lounge around, and order room service!!

Here is my handsome hubby posing with his award...And here is his crazy and silly self!!

They all really had a good time, were inspired and motivated to do an even better job in 2010, and were given recognition for all their hard work. Have I mentioned how proud I am of my husband??!!

Posing with one of his co-workers...Texas pride! =)

And I just had to add a picture of one of my lovely room service meals!! WAY too pricey, but fun to splurge on when you are not having to pay for the hotel room!!

We are truly blessed that Justin works for such a great company. Banks/Loan Officers/Etc are sure getting a bad rap in the country right now, but I am thankful that God has led us to this here. There are amazing people who work so hard for this company, and I'm glad my Justin got some nice recognition this weekend for his hard work!

Love you, Baby!!!


Candie said...

Yea for you both! We stayed at the Great Wolf last summer, but drove over to the Gaylord just to take pictures in the downstairs areas. It's beautiful!

Lianna Knight said...

Congrats to the hubby!! And SO glad you had some getaway time :)

Aaron said...

Congrats Justin...Top 100 is outstanding.

the ericksons said...

yeah justin! that is pretty cool!

Audra said...

Yeah for you two! Good job Aly on being the great woman behind a great man! Praying hard for you two.

Joy said...

I am so proud of my little bro. And I must say he looks pretty darn handsome in his suit. :-)