January 12, 2010

For My Mom!!

I know this is a strange picture to post on my blog, but I just had to post it for my mom! For anyone who knows my mom, you know that she is super creative, talented, loves colors, decorating, and pretty things. As I was growing up, one thing that she said quite often and has always stuck with me was that your dinner plate should be colorful and pretty. I always laughed at this, because my mind just doesn't think in color like hers does--even about what should be on your plate. But tonight, this was our dinner (lemon chicken over brown rice, edamame/jicama salad, roll, and strawberries and blueberries) and my first thought when I saw the plate I dished up for Justin was that it was colorful and pretty! Most of my meals are pretty much the same color, or with not too much variety, but tonight was different! I'm trying to cook some healthier meals, and it is amazing that the more colorful they are, the healthier they seem to be too! Amazing how that works! Thanks mom, for the lesson about beauty! It has really stuck with me! I love you and am so thankful for you in my life!


Tomorrow morning I go for my lining measurement, so hopefully we'll be on our way into this FET journey! Thanks for all the prayers (for uterine lining--how crazy is it to pray for that?!) and encouragement. The last four days have been so much better than Friday was! I'll keep you posted!


Janet said...

Good Luck! Praying for you!

Brian and Dara said...

Spending time with your mom and hearing her say the thing about a plate being colorful sticks with me too! The other night our dinner had all green and white and I thought to myself (and even told Brian), "Joyce would not love this plate of food! Its all the same color!"
Love you Mamma!

Audra said...

My mom always said that too. She also taught me that all the elements in a tossed salad should be different shapes. I thought of that the other day when I was making a salad. My grandma said you should never set a pan on the table to serve food and when I do I feel like she is spying on me and shaking her head. Kind of creepy but it makes me smile!