December 23, 2009

On our way...

To Colorado!!! We are a little over halfway to Denver to enjoy Christmas with Justin's family. We usually fly when we go this far, but decided that this year, it would be more fun to drive so we could bring Betsy with us!! We had to leave a day earlier than planned because of the bad weather forecasted along our route through Kansas, so we are on our way through Amarillo instead! We haven't hit any bad weather yet, but are starting to see cars coming towards us covered with snow!! We are so hoping to enjoy a white Christmas in Denver, but just want it to hold off until we make it all the way there!

Betsy is thoroughly enjoying the trip so far, can't you tell??!!


carolinagirl said...

If only Cooper would do that when in the car, we would take him on more trips. Cooper gets sooo excited he drools and gets so worked up he gets sick. I'm so glad you are able to take Betsy with you. We are sad that we will be leaving Cooper behind to stay with some friends for the holidays.

Have a wonderful time with family!


Audra said...

Happy anniversary! And I hope you had a beautiful drive and a very white Christmas. Love you friend!