December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas Sweet Boy!

Today was an early release day from school, so my mom and I headed out to the cemetery to decorate Jonathan's headstone. Even though I haven't felt much like decorating our house, I had to make sure he got some decorations. It was pretty cold (note the crazy, fuzzy hat that I wore just for my mom) we had a good time doing it together!! Here are a couple pictures of his tree and wreath.

I also wanted to show a few of the pretty wreaths that my dad decorated the outside of their house with. He surprised my mom yesterday by digging through the attic, finding all the decorations, and put everything up! Isn't he a sweetie?! He sure made my mom's day!! Great job, Papa!


Cristina said...

I like the fuzzy hat! I could never pull that off becasue I have fuzzy hair! LOL

Steven said...

Jonathan's grave looks beautiful! So do you in the picture. Also, thanks for the plug. Love, Dad

Audra said...

You look super cute! Love your green coat. His decorations are beautiful, you always do the sweetest things to decorate his grave site.
It made me smile to think of your dad working away to surprise your mom. He did a great job! Love you.

Lianna Knight said...

Praying for you today and your sweet baby boy. I'm celebrating his birth and the birth of our you Alyson :)