November 3, 2009

A Special Day...

Today is a very special day for a few different reasons....

First of all, today is my wonderful sister-in-law's birthday!!
Happy birthday Joy!!!

Joy is truly an amazing person to me. She is an intelligent, talented, and very capable woman, and has the most sensitive and loving heart. She is a wonderful mommy to our sweet niece Ryley, and a best friend to her husband Ryan. We had so much fun living near them for a little bit right after we got married, and wish we lived much closer! Joy--have a wonderful birthday!! Even though you are sick, I hope your day turns out to be a great one! We are praying that this is going to be your best year yet!!!


Another reason why this is such a special day is that 8 years ago tonight, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Justin proposed to me!!! I still remember that day like it was yesterday, and I can't believe that 8 years have flown by so quickly!! We were just babies, in our junior year of college, but I knew since I met him that he was the one for me. I've never imagined that I would be so blessed to share my life with such an incredible man, and I'm so thankful that God had such a wonderful plan for us!!

This is a picture from the night we got engaged--do we look happy or what?! Well, maybe I was the ecstatic one, and he was the relieved one that it was over!! =)

Our engagement picture...please ignore the blurriness of these photos. These were pre-digital camera pics, and I had to take a picture of the actual picture on my iphone to get them on here!!

As I was looking for these pictures, I found a fortune cookie fortune that I had saved from that year. It said, "Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you." There are no truer words! I love you Justin!!!


Just a reminder that my mom's surgery is today...thanks for praying for her!!

Hope you enjoy the new fall look!!


Audra said...

That portrait looks familiar!!! You two do look pretty young in the picture from the night he proposed. Congratulations on your engagement anniversary, you are a testimony to fact that God did create soul mates!

I'll be praying for your mom.

Riley Kai said...

I actually have to say, you haven't aged much in 8 years and I am very jealous:-) The pics were cute and Happy Engagement Anniversary!

I have been praying for your mom and I am anxious to see how her surgery goes. I am facing a similar one soon! May your day be blessed with great memories and healing:-)

Cristina said...

I remember seeing that picture on Justin's desk.... I wonder if he remembers what I said to him????
I said, 'She's too pretty for you!' It sounds kind of rude, but it wasn't.... just being my normal 'mean' self! I am so glad that I met Justin and gave hima hard time... and then he introduced us! What a great story! =)

I hope that your mom is doing well.

Jenny Brannan said...

I remember when you got engaged! I almost fell off my chair when you told me. =) I'm so glad you found such a wonderful man! I wish you lived closer so we could hang out! Maybe we'll join you sometime in Texas... who knows?!? =)

Joy said...

Aly, you are so sweet to mention my birthday! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! So glad your mom's surgery went well! Lots of love from colorado!